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This article continues the glossary of popular alternative healing modalities. My opinions and experiences with the modality are in italic print. Enjoy!!!

***Feldenkrais Method--A popular technique that is useful for a wide variety of chronic pains, and neuromuscular, structural and orthopedic challenges. It is said to improve structure and posture, reduce pain and increase energy. It is usually taught as a series and is intended to educate the client in holding the body in such a fashion as to allow for maximum flow of the energy field.

***Feng Shui--The ancient Chinese art of placement. It is said that a house, office, or other area that is designed by someone who specializes in Feng Shui can increase abundance in many different areas of our lives. These areas can include income, sleep, relationships, health, emotional stability, etc. Feng Shui insures harmony and prosperity through the proper design and placement of rooms by allowing the energy of a room to be matched to specific furniture and objects and their relationship to each other.

***(BACH) Flower Remedies--Dr. Edward Bach developed a marvelous system of 38 preparations from flower essences to alleviate different stressful conditions that may manifest in the body, mind, and spirit without the damaging side-effects of drugs. Each remedy helps to relieve the emotional and/or physical stress that is affecting the body thereby bringing one back into balance. I've used many of these remedies including the popular Rescue Remedy and they are marvelous.

***Guided Imagery & Visualization--This technique uses either a tape or a personal practitioner who through a series of relaxation exercises allows for deep and altered states of relaxation. During this state, one can be guided to visualize and image positive scenarios and effect positive changes in the body and mind. Research shows that his process is very beneficial to the client and can indeed effect profound changes.

***Herbology--An ancient healing art that uses the medicinal properties of herbs as a preventative and/or curative. Each herb has different healing properties and is used to strengthen the natural functions of the body without the uncomfortable reactions attributed to many prescription drugs. Herbs can be prepared in many ways but the most popular forms are teas, powders, tinctures with or without alcohol, extracts, ointments, and compresses. The correct herbal solution at the appropriate time can do wonders for the body on all levels.

***Holistic Physician/Practitioner--A medical or non-medical practitioner who looks at his/her client from the perspective of being a whole human being with all organs and parts connected to each other and to one's sense of well-being. A holistic physician/practitioner evaluates on how the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms are being affected by the "dis-ease" or syndrome and devises a plan of action as how to balance these realms to achieve a wholeness that is individual for his client. I highly recommend these physicians and/or practitioners. Healing becomes a cooperative effort with the practitioner acting as a guide in his/her client's self-healing process.

***Homeopathy--Based on Samuel Hahnemann's science, the motto for this modality is "like cures like". The remedies are culled from minute doses of natural remedies that encourage the body's innate intelligence to rid itself of the offending elements and/or toxins instead of suppressing them. This allows the body to expel the toxins and become balanced and strong again. I've had only minor experiences with this modality so I reserve my comments until more appropriate first-hand experience is available.

***Hypnosis--A marvelous technique whereby the therapist induces a state of deep relaxation in the client in which most or many of the resistant barriers or walls are in a state of total suspension. This allows the therapist to help the client resolve many deep troubling issues. Avoid worrying--your innate intelligence will not allow you to do anything that you are not ready to do or that goes against your moral fiber. I've only had good experiences with this modality and if used by a competent and ethical therapist it is excellent for achieving results with stress, addictions, and a whole host of personal challenges.

***Iridology--The art and science of evaluating one's health by "reading the eyes". The iris is the mirror of the body and can tell a competent reader much about what is going on in the body without any invasive tools.

***Jin Shin Jyutsu--"Jin" means knowing compassion, "Shin" means Creator and "Jyutsu" is art; the Creator's art through being compassionate. Another modality that operates on the energy pathways of the body. A competent instructor will use direct pressure on certain points of the body to help unblock pathways that have been clogged or blocked. This helps free the energy, releases stress and tension, reduces pain and creates a feeling of deep relaxation.

***Lymphatic Drainage--Used mostly to treat lymphedema which is a condition that causes body-part swelling. The essential goal is to move the stagnant lymph fluid that circulates and removes wastes from the body.

***Macrobiotics--Not just a diet but a total way of living, macrobiotics centers on becoming whole through a whole foods diet, and by following a holistic, healthy and balanced lifestyle. One eats with the seasons and adapts to the environment balancing many different factors as yin/yang, food categories(protein/carbohydrate ratios), etc. I tried macrobiotics because the theory sounded plausible. However, the low protein formula and the emphasis on grains and beans caused too many allergies in my body so I had to eliminate this procedure from my repertoire. Feel free to try it and make your own judgements but please listen to your body very carefully when doing so.

***Magnetic Theory--This theory is based on the science that our bodies are electrical and chemical by nature and these energies regulate the glands and organs in our bodies. Magnetic Energy facilitates healing by supporting the electromagnetic fields of the body and surrounding it with the proper energy field that encourages haling. Magnetic therapy is used for many conditions such as: pain relief, reducing inflammation, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, sports injuries, healing wounds and burns, reducing swelling and infections, increasing energy, reducing stress and alleviating insomnia.

***Meditation--An ancient art that develops the art of focusing one's mind and reduces the constant self-talk and chit-chat of the mind that continually seeks to wander. Deep relaxation can be achieved through proper posture, breathing, mantras and imagery. Meditation can be used to attain higher levels of consciousness as in transcendental meditation. A marvelous technique to focus the mind, quiet worries, anxiety and to reduce stress.

***Naturopath--A general term for a practitioner who uses non-toxic and natural therapies for the purposes of healing. Course work may include any or all of the following: iridology, herbology, homeopathy, reflexology, nutrition, alternative cancer therapies, juicing, massage, etc. Course work can include home/correspondence study, independent study, and/or workshops/seminars/conferences.

***Naturopathic Physician--A person who has received education and been licensed to practice naturopathy by one of two accredited naturopathic medical schools in America. These physicians have been educated in conventional medicine and received clinical and academic education in natural medicine mentioned above under naturopath and more. They have passed all licensing requirements and practice in their state if naturopathy is recognized there. Not all states recognize and license naturopaths and so naturopaths aren't allowed to practice in all 50 states. N.J. is one of the states that as of this writing does not recognize and license naturopathic physicians.

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Geoffrey Gordon, Diploma in Naturopathy, has been involved in healing for over 10 years. His personal experience with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, TMJ, Candida, and Hypoglycemia has taught him to approach dis-ease from the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. He has facilitated healing circles and workshops throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Geoffrey can be reached at (201) 659-1613.

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