Most people in the professions of Natural Health are aware of the role Parasites play in our health. I was shocked to learn the numbers of people who have internal parasites and are totally unaware of their existence. Many times we told, " don't be concerned," but we absolutely should be concerned. Did you know that the majority of people who have cancer usually have parasites? Also, many lung conditions are caused by lung flukes, parasites also. This can include emphyzema.

In Japan, school children are put through a parasite program each year before they begin school.

How can you find out if you have parasites? Two ways; by stool tests and blood work done specifically for parasites. Many people take excellent care of their health. They may eat properly, watch their cholesterol, exercise, take vitamins and use herbs but I can also tell you that they may have the healthiest parasites around. Parasites rob us of nutrients that our bodies require. While they may live for years and years in our bodies, not causing any "detectable" damage, eventually they do damage the organs and the immune system and at this point we can become ill with serious diseases.

Where do they come from? Do you garden? They are in the dirt. They are in meat, produce, and other foods in various stages of their lifecyeles. I just completed a wonderful book about HIV & AIDS and of all the tests done on these patients, all were found to have parasites.

I do not wish to alarm but to educate and make people aware of the problem. It may, in my opinion, be the reason for many illnesses that are treated yet, the people still are ill. If you want to read a "wake up" book, read The Cure For HIV and AIDS by Hulda Regehr Clark,ND. It is "not" just about HIV or AIDS, it is about all of us and about other illnesses as well. I thought it was wonderful and very informative.

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