Vedic Astrology
Lesson #9
  by Das Goravani
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A really amazing Psychic Astrologer from India

In #8 I spoke about the recent Vedic Astrology Conference held in Pennsylvania. Now I will tell you something which should challenge your conception of reality, or strengthen it if you happen to be one of us who are already convinced about psychic powers and the presence of persons possessing them on this planet.

I met a man known as "Mr. Karve" (kar-vay) at the conference. He is a very small and old Indian man who was brought from India by the organizers of the conference for the purpose of sharing his enlightenment with the attendees.

Let me relate to you a typical encounter with him which has happened to numerous persons in India and now America. This account is totally true- there is not part of which is exaggerated or fabricated. He could do this same thing in front of anyone- it is not secret nor reserved for only the believers or anything like that. He could do it on camera or with reporters- it's totally natural to him.

A woman or man visits Mr. Karve, a real Yogi or Hindu Saint, in his room, wherever he happens to be traveling or living at the time. In this case, it was one of the cabins at the Ashram where we were all staying during the recent Vedic astrology conference. The visitor sits before Mr. Karve who greets them in a friendly way. He looks at the person, and then simply straight out tells them their birthday. This is the first shock. You meet someone who doesn't speak English at all, and before you say anything to him or his translator, he tells the translator your birthday in Hindi and he tells it to you in English. Then he tells you your birth time, which may be a few minutes different than what your birth certificate says or what your mother says- and you would be wise to believe him because his information is coming from beyond human error.

Then he can tell you so many things about your life, past, present and future. All this is done without you saying anything, and without calculations, computers, or books, or anything.

His life is an amazing story- and to see him now is amazing. He hardly eats- he goes in and out of a sleep like meditative state quite often- even while you're sitting right in front of him. He is a real yogi- a person who lives for linking with divinity at all times. Nobody in America can do this, yet such things can be found in India in a small number of cases.

In my travels with my previous teacher back in the late seventies and eighties we visited a small number of different types of amazing psychics and seers. The techniques for acquiring these "mystic sidhis" or "perfection's" are still known in India, and some rather austere and spiritually strong persons are still capable of carrying out these paths and attaining to these abilities. In Mr. Karve's case the ability came early in life, without any effort on his part. It is understood therefore that he earned this ability in a previous life and was granted it early on in this life.

In one instance, much earlier in his life, he told President Nehru, the first prime minister of India after independence from the British:

"Don't worry, your daughter will become Prime Minister, and she will have a son, who will also be Prime Minister, and he will have a wife, who will also become Prime Minister".

Nehru doubted astrologers, as there are many bad ones in India (just like here). But in this case, what he once laughed off later came true. Oddly enough, India Gandhi, though a woman, became the Prime Minister of India, and her son did also (Rajiv Gandhi) and now his wife, an Italian, may actually become Prime Minister.

Mr. Karve teaches that to get clairvoyant powers one must submit themselves to the Universal Lord, who is the source of all Gods, the Creation, all humans and all life. This Universal God is the common root of everything that be. It is the one God worshipped in many different names. At the conference Mr. Karve taught the students the mantra he worships with, which is as follows:

Om Sree Vishva Darshan Devata Yay Namaha

Translated this means "Unto the one great universal being who is present within everything I offer my praises or worship".

Mr. Karve showed the students in attendance how he prays this mantra many times in row each day, and how he does so by facing the four directions successfully while reciting the mantra, hands folded in prayer before him, and how he also raises his hands above to the sky while reciting, and then to the Earth in the same way. In this way he offers his prayers in all the directions each day.

This is actually typical of strict Hindu practice or sadhana- to have a mantra or prayer which reminds us of divinity and aligns us with divinity's will. There are various mantras and various schools- with significant differences between them- but the one thing they share is the aim of progress towards complete truth, emancipation of the eternal soul within to it's highest possible destination either here or in a spiritual plane, and ultimately the chief aim is the attainment to happiness, to "be all we can be".

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