Vedic Astrology
Lesson #11
  by Das Goravani
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In the service of Sri Vishnu, I have been writing articles on Vedic Astrology and Spiritual Philosophy to help the Western world become more acquainted with these primeval divine concepts. These articles are included in the reference manual within my Vedic Astrology Software program "Goravani Jyotish".

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The basic paradigm of Jyotish is that we are children of God and we are being lovingly and carefully carried through a very large set of lessons which takes a number of life times to accomplish. The lessons begin in lower forms of life and end in higher stages of human development. At a certain point when we have learned the lessons of this material creation, we are lifted to spiritual worlds beyond the material creation. While in human life in this material creation, we are sometimes promoted to heavenly planets. Sometimes demoted to lower planets than earth, while at other times we reside on earth which is in the middle of the range of possibilities.

While we are here, we are controlled by our loving older brothers and sisters, also known as the demigods. The demigods, although mortal, live much longer than we do. They have material bodies, but we cannot see them as they live on higher material planets. There bodies are more closely related to a thought than our earthen bodies. Therefore, it is appropriate to say that the bodies and lives of the demigods are more subtle than our own.

Just as we control and take care of our pets, similarly, the demigods control and take care of us. The ant living in our garden may not know that we control the garden because we are so large and completely not present in their little world. Never the less, their ignorance of us does not make us less real, or less potent and capable. Indeed, with a single stroke of our spray bottle, we can wipe out an entire colony of ants who never knew it was us who did this to them. Similarly, the demigods can with a single stroke or thought annihilate an entire continent on our teeny dust ball in space known as earth.

The planets which revolve within our solar system are physical external representations of small parts of the personalities of certain demigods. For example, Saturn is an external representation of part of the personality known as Shanaischarya. Similarly, Venus is an external representation of part of the potency of Shukracharya.

Another way to understand the planets relationships with ourselves is to see that the guards in a prison did not put the prisoners in a prison, but once the prisoners are in the prison, it is the duty of the guards to keep them in the prison and administer various punishments and disciplinary actions, but also to protect the prisoners from each other to feed them and provide for them. This is exactly like our position. We live in Durga Dham which means we live in the prison. The demigods simultaneously provide for us and punish us, but it is not them who are doing it to us. They are only carrying out the will and order and need of the greater whole which they are also a part of. They are simply above us, but they also have their superiors.

Amongst the demigods, they have their own hierarchy, or rank and order, and ultimately they are all within the material creation except for Lord Brahma who is right on the edge. Sadashiva is beyond the material creation, but barely. Lord Vishnu's planets alone are securely above and beyond all material consideration and the highest of those is Krsna Loka or Goloka Vrndavana, the personal planet of the most personal and sweet form of the Lord, Sri Krsna.

So Vedic astrology is the science of the effects of the planets on all things on our world. Lord Brahma has taught that although what we see is his material creation and in a way an illusory cover to keep us in ignorance, still by studying the movements of the heavenly bodies, we can know the particular way in which the demigods have cast their will and effects upon a person. The positions of the various planets at the time of a person or thing dictate and control and reflects the way in which the demigods will control and manipulate the life of that person or thing.

All things whether they be humans or just thoughts are born and die within the great cycles within this universe. We are all creations of the great cycles and systems functioning within this universe. We are not separate. Vedic astrology is the science of reading the imprint of the universe upon the human or thing at the time of their birth and from that chart or imprint knowing and foretelling the nature and life events destined to be enjoyed or suffered by that person or thing.

When we study the birth chart of a human, we are studying their life. When we study the birth chart of a question, we are studying the outcome and answer. When we study the birth chart of a material item such as a vehicle, the christening of a house or boat for example, we are studying the lives of those things. Vedic astrology can apply to questions, things, people, pets, etc. All things within this universe are subject to the controls of the Gods, and therefore, astrology applies to all things.

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