A Theory of Exactitudes 2000
  by Tony Waterfall, Astrologer
Astrology and New Age

In the Astrology Hour and in some of the posts on the web I use the term Exactitude or Exactitudes.

Exactitude is a term that I use because it clearly explains an Event of Occurrence.

The Theory of Exactitudes is a new way of viewing Angular Occurrence when Exact to the Minute of Arc.

An Exactitude shares a Degree between Moving Bodies or Fixed Positions.

Exactitudes between any Body or Position have a maximum Orb of 60 Minutes of Arc preferably 30 Minutes of Arc or less.

An Exactitude at 60 Degrees or 270 Degrees is an Exactitude or an Angular Interaction in its Purest Form.

It has been pointed out to me that there are certain things I have discovered which in fact already exist in Astrology. It has been said that my earlier Theory of Exactitudes is almost identical to the Renaissance Concept of Partile Aspects.

A Partile:

         The Astrology Encyclopedia by James R. Lewis says "Exact aspects are referred to as partile aspects and are considered to have a stronger influence than platic (nonexact) aspects"

         Encyclopedia Of Astrology by Nicholas de Vore says "Partile. An exact Aspect"

I have incorporated the term Partile and the place Partile into my thinking for 2000.

A Partile is the place of Approaching and Dissipating.

A Partile is similar to an Apparent Motion Station.

A Partile is the Mid Point of the Exactitude.

To be clear I am separating Angular Interaction from Aspects.

The Exactitude can be used in conjunction with Aspects or in conjunction with other systems such as Apparent Motion.

An Exact Degree Aspect comes with a connotation (Trine, Conjuntion, Square, Opposition, Sextile or Semi-Sextile) while an Exactitude Angular Interaction allows the connotation to be formed by the Planets and their Apparent Motion.

The way I am viewing Exactitudes at this time decides there is no lesser and greater.

What I mean here is that a Square Exactitude and a Trine Exactitude and a Semi-Sextile Exactitude are viewed just as an Exactitude or Energy of Life Force being transferred.

The Exactitude is the Identifier of Transference.

The Magnitude and Type of the Transference is due to the characteristics of the Moving Bodies involved and their Apparent Motion.

The Exactitude is between Planets, Asteroids and Other Moving or Fixed Bodies and Positions.

The Rising Sign, MidHeaven and all House Cusps can be factored in regardless of system: Equal House, Placidus or Koch Houses, and Other Zodiacal House Locators.

The Exactitude can link from a Natal Chart to a Progressed Chart to a Transiting Chart and from the Charts of two or more people, regardless of the calculation method: i.e. Geocentric, Heliocentric, Tropical, Sidereal, and Other Backdrop Frameworks.

The Exactitude Interaction between Geocentric, Tropical, Natal, Progressed and Transiting charts is Quantum and all encompassing in how it pinpoints the Moving Body Position that is Creating an Event on and from several different viewpoints.

The Zodiac is Common Ground.

Astrological Patterns form between Zodiacs and Zodiacal Positions via Exactitude.

The observance of Astrological Moments is caused by the place or Astrological System being viewed that includes the backdrop or point of perception we choose.

Visualization and action are governed by the places where Transition touches in a Moment of Common Reality, the Exactitude.

Exactitudes Form within many Zodiacal Spheres at Once.

Multiple Zodiacs interacting on many levels that in a Quantum Holographic Whole all interact as Star Patterns aligning themselves to points on Earth via Exactitude.

Exactitudes are very easy to find.

In an Astrological Chart look for the same numbers and fine-tune to 60 Minutes of Arc.

When using Exactitudes they freely move between all types of Astrological Charts.

When looking at a person's Natal Chart and the Natal Chart of their Mother you will see Exactitudes at play.

Progress the Mother's Natal Chart to the time and location of the Child's birth and you will see linking Exactitudes between the Charts.

Exactitudes will be found in the inter-linking of all chart types including charts created using Zodiacal Systems like Sidereal and Tropical.

This Theory of Exactitudes 2000 is meant to point out a simple mechanism that is common and understandable to many Astrological Systems.

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