Relationships in Synastry: Astrology
Polarities as mirrors of each sign

You will find that there are polarities of each sign and we are projecting those signs at all times, until we can reframe the qualities and own them into the whole of us. ALL signs are projected even if you do not have that particular sign/planet represented...

For instance if you have no ARIES in your chart, you still have a first house and in addition a ARIEs house that is represented so you have each sign represented in your chart. It is compounded when we have planets in ARIES. Keep this in mind as I go through all signs as to what is PROJECTED out on a partner in relationships.

Beginning with Aries and/or 1st house and/or the house ruled by Aries..Aries will project out independence, initiative, childlike behavior and creativity and oftentimes their own warrior spirit and ego personality. The true growth into ONENESS occurs when that sign can own all those qualities without giving them away to the OTHER..and remain in a SEPARATE SPACE.

Taurus or 2nd house or house where Taurus rules projects the following qualities on others in partnership; possessiveness, materiality, obsession with rules and order, sensuality as opposed to sexuality, manipulation of energy in partnershhips.

Gemini or 3rd house or house ruled by Gemini in your chart: This signs projects out continuous communication and chatter, the perennial student, intense curiousity, power of the teacher, gossip, lack of commitment or commitment phobia.

Cancer or 4th house or house that is ruled by Cancer in your chart: This sign projects out all nurturing needs, sensitivity, need for home, family and commitment and emotional closeness.

Leo or 5th house or house ruled by Leo will project out their male power, their creativity, love of children, and childlike spontaneity, dramatic presentation, distancing in relationships and monogamous commitments.

Virgo or 6th house or house ruled by Virgo will project our the following: perfectionism, obsessive and compulsive behaviors, analytical/critical analysis, healing of others, and boredom.

Libra or 7th house or house ruled by Libra will project the following: partnership, commitment, indecision, creativity, emotional closeness and distancing and lack of intimacy.

Scorpio or 8th house or house ruled by Scorpio will project the following: sexuality, intimacy, connection to the psychic world, psychic power, manipulation and intense charisma.

Sagittarius or the 9th house or the house ruled by Sagittarius will project the following: teaching ability, magician self, gypsy personality, lack of commitment, boredom and lack of communication. Capricorn or the 10th house or the house ruled by Capricorn will project the following: stablization, responsibility, career satisfaction, kinky ideas in relationships, burdensome relationships.

Aquarius or th 11th house or the house ruled by Aquarius will project out: rebellion, lack of intimacy and commitment, polygamous sexuality or androgyny (bisexuality), and need for change and freedom.

Pisces or the 12th house or the house ruled by Pisces will project out: idealism, mysticism, dream-like state, martyrdom and the ability to accept the CRUCIFIXION process..needless suffering and self criticism.

You will see that if you can fully OWN these QUALITIES as SELF are more able to have a fulfilled relationship with your signficant other. Any questions?


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