November 19, 1997
  by JB Ehrlich, Geopolitical Analyst
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.

The Big Show: The FBI on November 18th put on an unheard of historical effort and showcase for their need to mask the truth and abate public suspicion harbored since the downing of TWA Flight 800. If the government wasn't acutely aware of the distrust generated from the incident and their investigation, they would have never put on the big show.

It is very easy for us to derail their big show because while convincing, as all propaganda is, it didn't derail the truth. First, consider that the FBI asked the CIA to prepare a multi million dollar animation spectacular for public consumption. We emphasize the word "animation." The importance of animation is that it is created to support the perspective intended by those preparing it.

Just consider this: Kallstrom indicated that there were between nine to twelve sources for radar images. While the animation showed some boilerplate video of a fellow sitting in front of a radar screen, it of course had nothing at all to do with TWA Flight 800. None of the material radar images were shown in the animation, nor have they been released to the public. In fact the essential truth of it is that they have all been confiscated. Since there is no finding of terrorism or criminality in the FBI's full and thorough investigation, why not show the radar tapes to the public? Why not even a single showing of eight seconds of radar images we ourselves saw -- in a presentation purporting to represent truth?

What Kallstrom does, in suppressing the truth and hiding the complicity, is proffer that a team of specialists from inside and outside of government have studied and reviewed the radar images and have found nothing from them. Again, so why not show those radar images to you and everyone else? The reality is that not even a material morsel of those real images made it into the big show. Once the public sees the true radar images, in contrast to the propaganda of the big show CIA presentation, they will immediately recognize that the multi-million dollar FBI-CIA extravaganza was to bury the truth and crafted propaganda to enlist public trust and restore public confidence.

If we didn't see the radar images ourselves, we could never have the confidence to contradict the Kallstrom presentation as we are doing. The day they show the world the radar images, all twelve sets of them, we will stand silent. Just like we will stand silent once the truths regarding Brenda Wells starts getting its due coverage and attention. The opponents to truth are formidable powers. We understand that a British tabloid, the People, with a circulation of about 2 million in England, are now raising many of the critical questions and issues concerning Diana's accident and death, but their coverage is not getting the follow up it deserves by colleague media.

Back to the FBI press conference on TWA Flight 800. The most important two public witnesses were Linda Kabot and Heidi Krieger, both of whom had photographs confiscated by Kallstrom. Linda Kabot took a photo of what many thought was the missile, or drone for the missile, moving in the horizon above her. What did Kallstrom say about the photograph? They, the government of the United States, with all the technology brought to bear to the investigation, as highlighted by Kallstrom in all the sense he wanted to highlight it when it supported him, cannot identify the object in the Kabot photograph. Need we really say more?

Just about Heidi Krieger. According to Newsday:

"She was out on her boat in the Great South Bay snapping pictures of her father, on his boat, with a disposable camera on July 17, and caught the image of a squiggly white line in the background of one photo. The FBI was so interested they took her negatives but never called back to say what they thought. 'I think it is a missile only because I have this photograph; otherwise I would believe whatever is on television,' Krieger said Thursday. 'It is very scary. That's why I hope it was friendly and not foreign.'"

What did Kallstrom say: he said that the FBI determined that the streak was a scratch in the negative. We suppose it was a "squiggly" scratch. When coupled with the claimed inability to identify the object in a photograph many people have seen (Kabot photograph), it simply supports our MAIN point: the radar images is the proof certain. If it wasn't unequivocal proof they would not be secreting it.

Kallstrom in ending the press conference tells the public that if the public has anything else, any further information or evidence, if there's anything the FBI missed, to call the FBI immediately. They have to leave the door open because as we have expressed in Recapturing America, they never can be in a position where they are shown to be what they are. If they receive any new evidence or information they will first try to suppress it and if it is powerful enough and determinative enough they will admit the truth of what happened and will openly and publicly welcome it. In this manner they can never be charged for doing what they truly seek to accomplish: oppose the disclosure of the truth of what happened to TWA Flight 800. Thus, they can never show you the 12 sets of radar images. If they want to make us eat crow, then all they have to do is to release them. Please please make us look bad and wrong. Take up the challenge Mr. Kallstrom.

CONCLUSION: The bottom line is that the FBI says it doesn't know what caused the crash. Why not let the American public and the families of the victims of the crash look at all the sets of the radar images, read and study the witnesses statements, and see the Kabot and Krieger photographs? We suggest that for 50 million dollars less than the government intends to spend here to support their good intent, honesty and integrity, to highlight the quality of their investigation and studies (who can spend $50 million dollars and not get quality?), the public will be able to first recognize that the CIA extravaganza was propaganda and second will be able to recognize that the plane was downed by an object or force which approached the plane from miles away.

If we are wrong, then they will show you the evidence we ask for: evidence which the American public and the families of the victims are entitled to see before they disappear or are altered or conveniently lost. Mark our words in such regard.

P.S. Kallstrom noted that many of his original assistants in the investigation have been promoted to very high positions in the government. We suppose that by putting in 20 hours a day to conclude that they do not know what caused the accident is deserving these days of accolade, recognition and promotion. What they got promoted for is being part of the team. We congratulate them for their lack of conscience: it takes an amoral person lacking guilt who can get up and support statements to the public and world which they know misleads the American and world public and who can accept reward for standing silent in contradiction to their fiduciary duty to the country and the public.

Do you want to give them your trust? Then ask them to show you the evidence they have which they don't want to show you - even in their multi million dollar showcase production.

Finally, our suggestion to anyone out there who wants to independently pursue this because they have a personal interest in bringing forth the truth, ask the government to further answer whether they test anti-missile systems which use pulse energy, a type of energy (similar but not electromagnetic pulse waves) which is intended to protect the U.S. against missile or similar attacks from water or land. If the result of this accident was the result of such a test gone awry for whatever reason, then we think a genuine government would confront the victims and country with an admission, pay compensation, forego trial on national security related issues, apologize and gain the confidence of the nation by doing what they are obligated to do: tell the country the truth. And as we have asserted, if the American public had a government which told them the truth, the fiasco with Diana would have never been allowed to occur as it did, and America and the world would have greater trust in government. It would also lessen the danger which has now arisen with a growing aggressive reaction of the Islamic world to the dangers felt by everyone (including enemy states) concerning government which brazenly acts as though will forever get away with it (which makes us all nervous and with good reason).

While we offer an alternative perspective on what took the plane down, the first evidence from reliable sources clearly pointed to a missile: On July 22nd the London Times reported: "An American spy satellite positioned over the Brookhaven national laboratory on Long island is said to have yielded important information about the crash. A law enforcement official told the New York Post that the satellite pictures show an object racing up to the TWA jet, passing it, then changing course and smashing into it." The leading local Long Island newspaper, Newsday, wrote as follows: "An early trail on a radar from Islip shows something rising, tracking toward the plane, circling to the front of the plane and then disappearing in the plane's underbelly, federal sources said."

These original statements from reliable news sources (and there are more) are consistent with what we saw on clear radar images which unequivocally support that TWA Flight 800 was downed by something, object or force, moving towards it and disappearing with the implosion of the plane. The government called this an "anomaly" in the early days of the investigation. They did not do so yesterday. While our presentation costs only the value of our time, not the multi-million dollars of the FBI-CIA presentation, do you really have any question of whose presentation carries the higher degree of honesty, integrity and truth?

Then consider what this means to you, your country, your future when coupled with our interpretations and analysis regarding Diana's accident and death.

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