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Last June, media such as Newsday [*] reported that the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) was conducting a study of accounts given by test witnesses of Stinger missiles test fired in atmospheric conditions like those during the Flight 800 crash. The main goal was testing the visibility of launches over distance. Newsday defined the study as a test of the Flight-800 missile theory and an NTSB official said it would help them "wrap up the case."[*]

And yet nine months after the test launches on 4/28/00, no media I know of has published a follow-up with the results of the NTSB's Missile Visibility Study. However, Goddard's Journal has acquired the results of the Missile Visibility Study from the NTSB and has made the results available to the public for the first time over the Net: . These genuine missile-witness accounts provide a valuable point of analytical reference for those seeking to understand Flight-800 accounts (here:

The NTSB study placed witnesses at locations from 2 to 12 nautical miles from the test-missile launch site. The NTSB study concluded: "The three missile launches were easily detected by all observers." Missile-theory critics have said such visibility was impossible. This NTSB study not only confirms the visibility of a very-small missile at 12 nm, but also reveals dramatic similarities between missile-test witnesses and dozens of Flight 800 witness accounts of an upward-streaking light that culminated in the explosive demise of Flight 800, as these witness summaries demonstrate:


MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: saw "small light came from behind trees, traveled up into sky...after short period of time saw flash." (witness initials cdh, witnessed event 2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: saw "a flare rise up from below the tree line... rising at a 65 degree angle at a steady speed ...flare left behind a smoke trail ... streaming out from behind flare." (FBI witness 108)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "yellow light or plume climbing 60 degree angle at high speed and then orange yellow detonation." (jds3)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: saw "flare...orangy-red in color...arched slightly at an approximate 70 degree angle while it made the ascent ...object may have traveled 1 to 2 miles vertically." (521)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: saw "white star shooting straight up..." (slr2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: saw "large commercial jet...[then] saw a streak of light travel up from the water into the sky...[like] a rocket or like a shooting star only going upward ...[then] saw flash." (221)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "light like starlight going up...later a flash" (glc6)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "observed what he thought was a shooting star... moved faster than an airplane ... it approached the aircraft." (34)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "white glow like missile rising rapidly on 80 to 85 degree angle from the surface, detonation at high altitude." (dfr2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: saw "small trail arching upward ... trail arched almost vertically upward at a seventy to an eighty-degree angle." (535)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: saw "white light going up into sky." (dam3)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "observed a bright white light arching into the an angle not exactly vertical, and travel over the ocean." (241) MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "high speed object...arched up...then saw detonation." (jds2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "noticed a flare...rising into the air. ... [it was] a steady glow and rose at a steady, remarkable pace." (233)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "light went up into air at high rate of speed." (rsh3)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "saw a red object flying upward ... much bigger than any flare he had ever seen. ...he next saw a big explosion." (8)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "bright orange fire trail going straight up." (jtm2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "saw a streak of red orange light...head straight up or at a slight one o'clock angle. ...bigger than a flare." (9)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: saw "yellow red fireball rapidly climbing..." (jac2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "observed reddish-orange fireball rising in the sky." (209)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: saw "golden flame shooting straight up." (rtm3)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: saw "orange flare ... which went straight up." (80)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: saw "yellow ball ascending into clouds." (mmb2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "observed a small orange-colored glowing ball of light travelling up in the sky." (356)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: " light going straight up..." (glc2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "short pin-flash of light appeared on the ground, perhaps water," which looked "like a rocket launch at a fireworks display." (Sven Faret, private pilot)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "amber color light moving straight up." (tm6)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: saw "a flare ... flare went straight up ... she thought this flare originated from the surf ... described the flare as having an orange tip with a white trail of smoke." (96)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "light going up into sky at fast rate of speed ... short delay of no light, then a flash." (rsh2)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: noticed "what he thought was a flare ...[it] continued to rise upward ... at a fast rate of speed. It rose to a certain point and appeared then to curve southeast and slightly downward. He then saw a small flash or explosion and then a large explosion or fireball [that] descended to the ocean." (129)

MISSILE-TEST WITNESS: "white glow rising rapidly from the surface, detonation at high altitude, reminded him of fireworks." (dfr6)

FLIGHT-800 WITNESS: "she first noticed a plane in the sky ...then saw an object angle to the right with a bright orange glow with a white streak behind it ... She described this streak as 'taking off like a rocket.' She thought at first she saw fireworks but then changed her mind and said 'no way it was a missile.'" (144)

With dozens of F800 witnesses describing an upward-shooting streak of light that culminated in the explosive demise of TWA Flight 800, these comparisons could literally go on all day. Suffice it to say, the phenomenological content of the accounts above, whether from the test or the crash, appear to be the same. The results of the NTSB's Missile Visibility Study would appear to support the hypothesis that many witnesses of the Flight 800 crash observed a missile intercept. The NTSB's Missile Visibility Study offers no comparisons to F800 witnesses even as such was a stated goal of the study (SA-516a).

[*] Newsday: Missile Theory Tested. Sylvia Adcock, June 1, 2000. (no follow-up)

While ignored by major media, the results of that missile-theory test are available here: Those results are not available at the NTSB's website but may be obtained through the NTSB Public Inquiries Office (800-877-6799) or by visiting the NTSB's Public Reading Room on the 6th floor of 490 L'Enfant Plaza, SW, Washington, DC, 20594. All Flight- 800-witness accounts in the NTSB's Public Docket are found online here:

Flight 800 Witness Sketches:

Dozens of Flight 800 witnesses:

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