Princess Diana:
What really happened?
  by Paul Vigay
Reposted with Permission

Diana was the 'peoples princess', whom everyone loved and admired.

But.... Did someone want her removed?

Although a terrible thing to think, many people I've spoken to agree that things don't add up about the reporting of her terrible death, along with Dodi Al Fayed.

This page has been setup in order to ask a few questions, to make people ponder on a few facts and to help share information that may help lead to the REAL TRUTH.

Obviously, the media and government are discrediting any talk of 'conspiracies' or 'convoluted plots' to kill her by some organised group. The media, in the UK at least, are even blaming the Internet for these "far-fetched conspiracy theories". Psychologists will no doubt say that conspiracies arise because of people's need to rationalise some terrible event, which can't possibly be an accident. It's almost as if a wonderful life wasn't taken away because of a mere accident. Inventing conspiracies, seemingly elevates a terrible event from a pointless accident.

However, the media, psychologists and other people who dismiss other ideas are merely walking away from searching for the real truth - which may be too awful to comprehend. IF HOWEVER, she was murdered, then let us forget about conspiracy theories and merely ask questions, cross-reference facts, double-check news stories and uncover any potentially hidden truth. The murderers must be found and brought to justice.

We must also remain rational because no doubt, if the real truth HAS been hidden, various people will want it to remain hidden and try ever attempt to discredit people revealing the truth - or even try harder to bury the truth under more and more lies and disinformation.

The purpose of this short article is to make you think, not to convince you either way. Don't believe what is written here. Go out and do your own research. Investigate the news reports yourself. Look for where 'facts' change from one day to the next (such as the speed of the car or whether or not the driver was drunk), or for where different newspapers report different stories (like who was sitting where in the car).

Here are some 'points' to ponder over:-
  • Photographers were 'chasing the car. This sounds like an attempt to a) fuel public opinion against the 'paparazzi' and b) pass the buck away from the real 'pursuers'. Imagine for one second the scenario whereby a couple of hired assassins take to motor cycles and chase the car.
    Diana and Dodi were used to photographers chasing them, the driver was also aware that photographers would be following. A Mercedes S600 is a far safer place to be than a bike. Why should the driver risk life and limb from photographers that were a continual nuisance anyway? What if one of the bikers pulled a gun, or was a 'serious' threat, rather than a photographer. We know the photographers didn't arrive on the scene until some seconds after the crash. Therefore, who was close enough to the car to pose a real threat?
    In any case, it's virtually impossible to take photos from a moving bike at high speed, especially when playing cat and mouse with a sturdy Mercedes.
    You can't take photos through a glass car window using a flash at night, without getting a nice photo of your own flash gun as a reflection.
    Why did some people rumour that a bike was in front of the car? Would you overtake a heavy Mercedes on a bike, doing silly speeds, on the entrance to a tunnel? This leads onto the next point....

  • What speed was the car doing? Initial reports claimed the car was doing 120mph. Although a Mercedes S600 series should be able to cope well at this speed, it is extremely unlikely you would need to do such speeds just to outrun photographers on bikes (has anyone confirmed the makes/models/max speeds of the bikes involved?).
    Immediately this speed was reported, people on the internet questioned it and said it was highly unlikely. Although the media tried to debunk the internet as a source of unreliable 'gossip', why have they recently amended their reports to state the car was no doubt doing a slower speed - in which case it was less likely to have lost control unless some outside influence was involved, such as the deliberate blowout of a tyre or a similar event.

  • The driver was drunk. This was the report which initially made me 'smell a rat'. Not only is this an insult to the driver if he was innocent. Both Di and Dodi have always been surrounded by security and minders. If the driver had been drunk, another would have been found. Other security personnel would have prevented them getting into the car in the first place. Another driver would have been found.
    Here again is some discrepancy in the reporting in the media. Some claim that there was confusion as they left the hotel, and a decoy car left from the front whilst they left from the rear. Even so, was there really only two drivers available, one being drunk?
    Some papers then claimed he wasn't drunk, whilst others confirmed he was. Highly suspicious.....
    If this is a false rumour it is gross misrepresentation and character assassination of an innocent, sober person.

  • Eyewitness reports. Although unconfirmed, some early eye witness reports claim to have heard a 'bang' immediately prior to the crash. Could this have been an attempt to sabotage the car?
    Imagine that a hired assassin had secretly placed a small explosive device under the front of the car. Another (or the same) assassin could follow on a bike, ensuring that the car gets to a specific spot before remotely detonating the device which could cause a blow out and subsequent loss of control of the car.
    It has also been rumoured another car was involved. Could a car have been in front, just inside the tunnel to create an obstacle requiring rapid manoeuvres, thus ensuring the 'arranged crash' would occur?

  • The photographers obstructing the police It was initially reported that when the police arrived at the scene, the paparazzi were obstructing the police from getting to the crash. If true, how do we know they were paparazzi? They could have been the assassins ensuring that any vital evidence was removed from the crash scene. Some reports even went so far as to claim that a couple of motor cyclists left the scene of the crash immediately the police arrived - again leaving the following paparazzi to get the blame.
  • Stolen Jewellery The plot gets more and more far-fetched every day. Nearly 10 days after the event it is claimed that valuable jewellery was stolen from the crashed car. It was rumoured that Dodi had recently given Diana an engagement ring. Could this have been stolen/removed to again hide the fact from the British public?
  • Was she pregnant? By far the most outrageous or controversial rumour was that she could possibly have been pregnant. Although I realise that this will shock many people, if it's true it could have given the secret services a motive to eliminate her. If not true, then simply ignore it and put it down to another inaccurate, far-fetched rumour you read on the internet. We are searching for the truth here - not a story which just happens to fit our preconceived idea of the world around us. This will be discussed further in the motives section below.
  • The key witness - the surviving security guard One survivor of the crash is in hospital in Paris. He could possibly hold the key to what really happened. If it was merely an accident, he may be able to shed new light on what happened.
    If however, it was a deliberate attempt to assassinate Diana, then he could well be under threat by the same assassins. He must be protected, as no doubt someone will try to silence him if he is regarded a threat - so that he cannot talk.

  • 12th Sep 1997 - The Drivers third blood test What are the media/MI6 disinformation agents playing at? A third blood test! Who are they trying to fool? Looks like they are starting to worry about the conspiracy theories gaining momentum. For a start you can't take blood tests from someone who has been dead for thirteen days, so when was this supposed 3rd test done. If the sample was taken at the time of death, why has it taken 13 days to announce the results? Why didn't they say "We've taken three blood samples, but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks for the results"? But no, oh no. At the time of death no announcement is made of blood tests, then a couple of days later (as the conspiracy theories start taking off) the first reports of alcohol come in, but are dismissed as 'something fishy going on' then nearly TWO WEEKS later, announcement of a third and positive blood test. Extrememly fishy if you ask me.

The Motives?

So, who could have done such a terrible thing? There is probably no shortage of possible suspects:-
  • The Land Mine Companies or other people with a vested financial interest in the land mines that Diana sought so vigilantly to oppose and ban. This may not be a strong enough motive for murder, but who knows what would be at stake for some people if a ban was to be implemented?
  • The Government, or shadow government Diana was increasingly becoming involved in politics, and rattling a few cages on the way. She had recently criticised the previous government and their policies. There are no doubt people who believed that royalty should be apart from and not involved with politics. Again, not necessarily a motive for murder, unless there is some sinister 'hidden government' somewhere behind the scenes. Oh no.... Sounds like more internet conspiracy, or is it? Do your own research? Some people have rumoured there may be a freemason link. Again, this can give more ammo to the people who claim you only read empty, half-baked conspiracy theories on the internet. However, before dismissing it totally it may be worth doing a search for Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, CFR, Bohemia Grove or other related secret societies. Moving into other conspiracy theories here though.
  • The British Secret Services Although we live in a 'free', democratic society (or like to think we do) there are still those who oppose those people of other cultures, ideas, religions or ethnic groups. If Diana loved and cared for Dodi, then that is all that should count. Not his background, religion or anything else. If two people care for each other then who are we to judge whether that is right or wrong?
    However, the secret services whose job it is to protect the monarchy may not like the scenario of a future "King Mother" having muslim or Arabic links. Even the claims that she was thinking of leaving England to live elsewhere would have started alarm bells ringing in Whitehall, at the prospect of a future king of England leaving Britain to visit his mother.
    If, as it has been rumoured, she was pregnant then any future child would be a half-brother of the future King; the Head of the Church of England. It doesn't take much to realise that some people may not like the thought of other scenarios that could develop.
    If indeed she was pregnant, then any assassination plot would have to be carried out sooner rather than later, to hide the truth from eventually becoming visible.

Although a lot of the ideas expressed here are speculative or controversial, they are merely expressed as an attempt to expose the truth - if indeed, it is being hidden by 'the powers that be'.
I have put this page together not to speak ill of the dead, but out of respect and love for Diana - that her death should not be forgotten and we should uncover any hidden truths, irrespective of how painful or controversial they may be. This way, the love and goodness that she gave to the world will never be forgotten. If Diana and Dodi were in love with each other, we should celebrate and be pleased for their happiness - not passing judgement based on prejudice or fear.

As I have said, accept nothing written here as face value, fact or otherwise. In a free world, we should all do our own research, be free to ask questions and travel our own paths to the truth. If something here strikes a chord with you, investigate further, if it's far-fetched and more internet conspiracy then chuck it out.

Diana and Dodi are now peacefully together in a better place. Lets search for the real truth together.

If you would like to comment, or add further information, please email me now.

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