The True Link Between TWA Flight 800 and Diana's Accident and Death
Note We Directed To Government Agents
  by JB Ehrlich, Geopolitical Analyst
Sender, Berl & Sons Inc.

The $64,000 question is why is the government taking such obtuse steps to hide, lie, and deceive concerning TWA Flight 800? The answer is that TWA Flight 800 serves as a vehicle to establish who in government shows allegiance to the leadership over the citizenship. Take Kallstrom and Freeh at the FBI. Two men who entered government service as good American citizens, honest, and wishing to serve the public good. By the time Kallstrom retired from the FBI, he himself was disillusioned. He would lie and deceive to serve the public interest, the national interest, but he concluded at the end that his lies and deceptions were not in service to either. He discovered that he was corrupted. Louis Freeh when confronted with a slew of issues, including the FBI files, served the person appointing him, and in doing so found himself in a position where his lies and deceptions were not consistent with his character and aim to serve the public good. He found that he too fell into the slippery slope of finding himself serving a corruptive leadership over his loyalty to his position and his country. He drew the line on the issues attendant to the need to appoint an independent counsel where true national interests may have been compromised.

Likewise, all those representing the country by serving in government have to assess whether what they are doing is in the best interests of the country. If being loyal and trustworthy to the leadership is contrary to the best interests of the country, then history compels service and loyalty to the country. When a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is effectively silenced by government and media, this forges the issue that something is VERY seriously amiss in the U.S.A.

Those in government service are now being routinely tested whether they are loyal to the leadership or the citizenship. Those in government service are compelled by law, history and ethics to be loyal to the citizenship and thus to his or her country. Donít be a pawn or find yourself falling into the slippery slope and abyss of forces seeking those in service to their country to act otherwise. These forces want to cull out of government all those serving the country and see left remaining only those who are able to find themselves dynamically serving the interests of its leadership. In this manner, one is left with a zealot like Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder who showed his hand by slipping up and announcing a team raid by Justice Department agents on FBI offices nationally.

After giving the above its due, it would be appropriate to remember the words of a former President: "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." THEODORE ROOSEVELT.

CONCLUSION: There has been no national coverage of Admiral Moorer's remarks to Congress, and thus, of course, no discussion of their implication. It seems that the control of the media is far more serious than even we imagined. This is a horrendous signpost of the state of affairs in America, and thus the world. If you were wondering of the higher dynamic between TWA Flight 800 and Diana's accident and death -- you have it. What TWA Flight 800 represents above to the domestic national press, media and government agents and employees, was shifted globally in terms of Diana's accident and death. The opponents of truth, the elite, are culling out those who serve the world public, and leaving behind those who serve them -- the ones willing to lock the gates should you later try to save yourself and your family from the sinking ship of true freedom and democracy.


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