This great country was founded on Truth
(An Editorial)
  by Russell D. Hoffman
The Animated Software Company

Hello Mr. Sterling!

This great country was founded on Truth. But things have gone wrong.

It is time to replace not just this leader or that leader who does not tell the truth, but the INSTITUTIONS which do not tell the truth to the American people.

We need to replace the leaders of the following federal agencies, or replace the whole institution:

The CIA abuses its vast power. From training right-wing militants in Latin American countries, to arranging (by accident? I doubt it!) the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade by NATO forces, to spying on U.S. citizens, to infiltrating U. S. citizens' environmental groups... there is little doubt this whole organization has got to go! Every member should be publicly exposed and given their pension! Sent out to pasture! I don't favor witch-hunts, even for real witches. We will need to forgive and forget. But not before the truth is out and justice has once again seen the light of day in America and around the world. CIA tactics are out of style. This country was founded on THE PEOPLE KNOWING THE TRUTH and the CIA prevents that. That is their downfall. That is why they must go. That is where they overstep their mission.

The FBI likewise. Their part in the phoney, fruitless and painful Drug War is worse than their part in Prohibition, the Red Scare, or any other fiasco they have played a part in. We need a crime lab based on science, not politics.

The NTSB? Commander William Donaldson's comments during his TWA flight 800 testimony suggest they too are incapable of providing for the public safety if a political agenda is in the way, and I believe him.

Nobody trusts NASA -- and why should we? Their blatant lies about the safety of Cassini's 72.3 pounds of plutonium, their numerous unexplained rocket failures, their assistance to and public relations front-man role for the U. S. military -- all these things destroy the public trust. Dump NASA, build a regulatory agency with the health and well-being of 6 billions Earthlings as their primary objective, and let all other space ventures be privately funded, including, if desired, University-sponsored deep space exploration.

EPA is a joke. It's teeth have been pulled by the courts, it's objectives twisted by double-talking, corrupt leaders. When is the Hanford cleanup going to start? Beatty, Nevada's? Moab, Utah's uranium slag heaps are still leaking into the Colorado River, causing scattered cancers, leukemias and birth defects among 20 million+ people who live downstream. It seems like all we ever get out of EPA is yet another study of the problems. Stop studying and start cleaning!

The IRS is so corrupt no one even talks about it anymore. Their computer system is so archaic I wouldn't be surprised if they will have to process 1999 returns by hand in 2000.

The NRC hides and quietly writes more permits for nuclear poison, and will do so until another Three Mile Island happens. They are the supreme leader when it comes to knowing how to write propaganda and it will take more than one full-blown meltdown to cause them to panic (though in fact, we should all panic NOW so we don't have to panic LATER). Right now the NRC is mentally "preparing the country" for a couple of meltdowns around Y2K. This doesn't mean stocking Iodine tablets for everyone or anything like that, it means pre-writing propaganda statements for later distribution to the media. Of course, instead, they should be preparing the nuclear power plants to be shut down forever, now, before there is a Y2K or other problem. (The AEC was so corrupt they had to change its name to NRC several decades ago. The corruption lingers on, like a radiation-induced cancer.)

The Pentagon? They wouldn't know how to tell the truth if the Commander-in-Chief demanded it of them (which of course, he would never do)! Everyone forgives them, since they have defended the country once or twice in our history, but U. S. civilians actually act as though the war guys can give a valid, useful press briefing. CNN reports The News That Isn't for them. (I believe that CNN is highly infiltrated by CIA operatives and retirees, thus it too is little more than a Government institution that is failing to fulfill its promises.)

What other Government Agencies aren't performing honest and useful work for the country?

Please email me any suggestions.

What we need, believe it or not, is ANOTHER GOVERNMENT AGENCY.

It is a TRUTH AGENCY. All the above problems are not the only problems America faces, but they all involve a lack of honesty towards the American people -- the very people these institutions are meant to serve!

Americans need a government agency whose sole job is to ensure that the other government agencies are honest.

Oh yeah, that's the Justice Department, isn't it? Fat lot of good they've done us over all this mess!

Democracy cannot function in America today. Not just because of the crimes being actually committed by the above agencies against the people of the United States, but also because of the concomitant crime that THE PEOPLE ARE BEING LIED TO! Democracy demands truth above all.

But what good would truth be, if no one could understand it? Therein is the second reason democracy cannot function in America today. Because Americans are not being properly educated, and haven't been for decades. Schools are a shambles, and all we want to do is put metal detectors in! Instead, we must put MONEY into them. VAST QUANTITIES OF MONEY! Let the next generation have a chance to solve its problems (many of which, we will hand them because we were too lazy or too stupid to solve them ourselves). Give them the one tool that might let them survive -- a good education. Public schools should be so well funded, that private institutions would be HARD PRESSED to keep up.

Of course, what is happening instead is that we are descending into mob rule, and fascist rule is being used to slow that descent. We are one small step away from mob rule right now! So close in fact that Government agencies are RIGHT NOW designing vast internment camps to put people in, should Y2K or other social disturbances begin. (The author feels that reports of these things are too rampant to deny now.) So, open fascism is just a few steps away.

Any American who wants their democracy back had better wake up NOW, and get involved in ALL these issues. Or go and burn your copy of the Constitution; you won't be needing it anymore.

Russell D. Hoffman Carlsbad, CA


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