1999 Area 51
People's Rally Report
  by Segundo Enolagay

It was the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month. Nearly 200 people from various ethnic backgrounds, eight states and four countries had gathered outside of Area 51, America's top secret military installation to protest an emerging Luciferian New World Order. Area 51, often called Dreamland, or Groom Lake, has been the home of Black Op's weapons testing of bacteriological, chemical, nuclear, biological weaponry and a wide variety of space-age military craft such as the S.R.71 Blackbird, the F. 117, the U-2, and the current Mach 10 plus Aurora. What the protesters were objecting to was not the military's privacy in testing the exotic weaponry, but rather secret experiments allegedly being conducted upon human beings in what the organizer, Anthony J. Hilder, referred to as "Frankenstein Factories" the actual "staging" of an INVASION FROM SPACE to panic the public into surrendering their national sovereignty and the development of bacteriological, biological, and chemical warfare weaponry to be used on unsuspecting civilian populations.

Nevada's Nellis Testing Range, which is as large as the state of Rhode Island and encompasses Area 51, was the testing ground for the first atomic bomb. It is located 120 miles north of Las Vegas in a remote area of the high desert, along with what is now officially named the Extra Terrestrial Highway, and is home to consistent "sightings" of anti-gravational flying discs, most commonly referred to as U.F.O.'S

Consequently, tens of thousands of hopeful U.F.O. aficionados have been lured to the area over the years to see and photograph the strange lights in the sky. Television crews from as far away as England, the Netherlands, France and Germany have shown up at Joe and Pat's LITTLE A "LE" INN" to get the latest scuttlebutt about the BLACK OP activities Hilder served as a guide and consultant for Japan's Asahi television network whose staff flew to the U.S. to film an introduction special for the X-FILES, which aired to 60 million across the island Empire.

Robert Lazar, a scientist who worked as a reverse engineer at S4, nine miles south of the secret underground Groom Lake facility, claims that the military has nine captured alien flying craft that they have been analyzing and testing there for the past several years. This adds credence to the fact that the thousands who have witnessed sightings from the adjacent Tikaboo Valley weren't looking at "pie-in-the-sky" but rather manned alien aircraft or carbon-copies of "the real thing".

Anthony J. Hilder meets with Blaine Heald and Bill Wagers, the District Manager of the Bureau of Land Management to discuss the 666 Rally. Hilder is furnishing copies of NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY to the boy at the BLM as part of the FREE WORLD ALLIANCE "Revelation 2000" program to educate government workers to the evils of the New World Order. What concerns Norio Hayakawa and Anthony J. Hilder, who initially started these protests on the same date last year, is the giant leap leftward towards a Global World-being directed by a Cabalistic Cartel whose agenda is the establishment of a Luciferian New World Order. Hilder and Hayakawa, who see Area 51 as a testing ground for future controlled "catastrophic" events, trace the source of the high-treasonous activities conducted there to individuals like Bush, Clinton, Kissinger and Gore who work through organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the privately owned Federal Reserve, the Trilateral Commission, the Skull & Bones and the Club of Rome. They claim that this Cashist Cartel has taken control over Area 51's research facilities and plan to use the weaponry developed there to bring about One World Government. They charge that major government investigative agencies such as the C.I.A., D.l.A., l.S.A., N.S.A., F.B.I. and the Justice Department have been compromised and serve as willlng tools for the establishment of an Orwellian Evilarchy where truth, justice and the American Way would be conside red mere anachronisms of the past.

One very credible individual featured in Hilder and Hayakawa's video presentation...THE PANIC PROJECT, accompanied by two young ladies, witnessed from a position approximately two miles from the protest site, what can best be described as a dress rehearsal for a "MOCK INVASION FROM SPACE". They believe that the "staged event" which continued for approximately one-hour and five-minutes and included some twenty-five or more anti-gravitiomal flying craft, will may well be repeated over a major American city to panic the population into accepting a One World Government if demonstrations such as these fail to draw attention to the existence of these "BLACK PROJECTS". Speakers at the 666 seminar compared this frightening scenario to a government-sponsored H. G. Wells scripted...War Of The Worlds.

Hayakawa's concerns extend to the fact that dozens of workers from the facility are developing a variety of unexplained illness resulting from their handling of biological, chemical and bacteriological warfare weaponry. The protesters, many of whom were Hispanic, believe that the weaponry may eventuall~ be used upon the American population by agents of the Clinton-Gore administration and pawned off as terrorist attacks emanating from the Islamic world.

The purpose of the "PLANNED TERRORISM", according to Hilder and Hayakawa, is to compel the Congress of the United States to pass knee-jerk leftislation, intended to transfer powers from the people to the president & the poilce, thus "setting the stage" for marlial law, the surrender of national sovereignty and the acceptance or GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

Hilder, when promoting the 666 PROTEST over K.X.N.Ts 50 thousand watt LOU EPTON show, discussed cross-specie gene splicing, human cloning and experimentation on live human beings that may be taking place in covert government Frankensteian laboratories housed many levels below in the labyrinth of tunnels that exist under the facilities runway. Hilder claimed that it is a "continuation of programs first started by Dr. Joseph Mengele in Nazi Germany". If aliens, as some claim, are being held at the facility, they may well be "creations" such as the Chupacabra, rather than beings from some remote galaxy.

Victor Camacho, Ted Gunderson & Anthony J Hilder

The rally's press conference and seminar, which was held the night before at the LITTLE A "LE" INN in Rachel, Nevada, a trailer town some 20 miles north of the Groom Lake Road rally site, featured Ted Gunderson, former 27 -year veteran F.B.I. agent-in-charge of the Bureau's operations in L.A., Dallas and Memphis. Gunderson is in full agreement that the nation is being betrayed internally through intelligence agencies who were once loyal to the people and now doing the bidding of the Illumianati elite. According to Gunderson, these agencies have now been compromised and some of their operatives are guilty of HIGH TREASON. Gunderson presented F.B.I. video footage of a Satanic Sacrifice in which a man was beheaded while still alive. The audience sat spellbound for nearly three hours, hearing the grizzly testimony in both English and Spanish translated by a beautiful Latin lady, which added charm to the horror show.

Victor Camacho, Southern California's leading Spanish talk show host, who broadcasts nightly from 11:00 p.rn. to 5:00 a.m. in the morning, at 10.20 on the A.M. dial, brought up a full busload of Latino listeners who joined forces to protest the atrocities that are being committed by the Cabalistic Cartel attempting to establish a New World Order. At the rally's site, only thirteen miles away from the Groom Lake runway, (which is the longest in the world) the attendees heard Camacho, Gunderson, Hilder, Aaron Johnson and a number of Latinos from the group, rebuke security guards who maintained constant surveillance of the rally from a location a half-a mile away on the adjacent hills.

Hilder challenged the guards, whom he referred to as l.G.O.R.'S, the (Invisible Governrnent's Obedient Robotons), to come forth with the truth instead of slavishly submitting to the wishes of their masters as did Igor, the hunchbacked servant of the fictional Dr. Frankenstein. Both Hilder and Norio Hayakawa, the event's creator, have continuously encouraged the workers at the facility to come forward and expose to the public the illegal, unconstitutional and unethical experiments that are being conducted within the honeycombed labyrinth of laboratories ensconced beneath the high desert dry lake.

During the two day event, Hilder's website, FREEWORLDALLIANCE.COM had 35 visits from the military establishment at Groom Lake. The Free World Alliance, now linked with VICTOR.CAMACHO.COM is translated into Spanish and "connected" with a dozen-plus major Latin websites in Spain, Central and South America. Additionally, it is being translated into German, French, Italian, Japanese, Hindi, Swedish, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Farsi and Greek.

One might assume that the government's I.G.O.R.'S. would refrain from using any exotic craft during the two day event, but Victor Camacho and eight others in his enthusiastic group witnessed a spherical orange colored flying object in the vicinity of the rally in the wee hours of the morning. Still another sighting was videotaped by Chris Miller while on his way home after attending the seminar. Ironically, Miller had shown video-clips of a half dozen or so spherical discs which he had videographed from Tonopah to the Tikaboo Valley in Nevada's barren high desert wasteland just hours before his departure.

The questions remain as to how long will it be before the world knows of the existence of the IlIuminati and their plans to establish a World Government upon the ashes of all nations. And just how comfortable would this Evilarchy be in executing a mock invasion from space, performing medical experimentson human beings or carrying out bacteriological, chemical biological and nuclear warfare attacks on American cities using "foreign Islamic agents." under their control when the whole world knows of their intended game plan.

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