by George A. Filer
Filer's Files #1, 2000

TEXAS -- The Contrail Research and Reporting Center writes that research is needed in the relationship of Unusual Contrail Formations (UCFs) and flu-like illnesses in areas where spraying has occurred. Usually four engine jet aircraft have been video taped spraying at low level around the US leaving contrails at a few thousand feet. The Contrail Center reports that North Texas has had unusual contrail formations observed over the North Texas area for about ten days of the month. According to Fox news Dallas affiliate, Channel 4, flu symptoms significantly increased during the third and fourth weeks of December 1999. North Texas reported increased flu symptoms: Plano - 98%, Lewisville - 81%, Lakewood - 76%, Dallas - 30%, and Ft. Worth - 25%. Doctors cited possible causes of the increases as due to people traveling more during the holidays and spreading the viruses. Warm weather has also delayed the flu season. The cities north of Dallas had the highest increase in cases with flu symptoms. These are comparatively rural areas while the larger cities -- where one might expect *more* flu cases -- had the *lower* percentages. According to the "Flu-O-Meter" at "," the flu levels in Texas are reportedly "low."

There appears to be a correlation between contrails and flu symptoms in the North Texas cities of Plano, The Colony, Carrollton and Lewisville during December 1999. I caution against reaching premature conclusions and advise more studies need to be conducted. There is, as yet, no conclusive evidence linking unusual contrail formations to illnesses. Heavier concentrations of unusual contrail formations and "conclouds" (artificial clouds that develop when these unusual "contrails" seem to extend and spread out) may be causing flu-like symptoms in people as a side-effect of some process rather than due to any viral agents being "sprayed" over our populations. We do not know what is actually taking place and that's why more research is needed. Thanks to Amy at Contrail Research and Reporting Center. See for views of the aircraft spraying. Flu is a virus and there are simple tests to determine if someone has the flu. Antibacterial drugs have no effect on a virus.

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