New Contrail Theory
  Reported by Jeff Green

Received in Email, January 11, 2000:

Art Bell had a great show on chemtrails last Thursday night/Friday morning. His guest was a specialist in cleanups of chemical spills. The guest verified that "something" is being sprayed. After looking at analysis of collected samples, he said that these look like compounds used to clean chemical spills,oil spills, etc. They usually contain lots of polymers and active bacteria that literally "eat" the spilled chemical.

His theory: We have polluted the ozone layer to the point of severe damage. The government is trying a massive "secret" cleanup before its too late. The culprit is many of the new jet propellants used especially by the military. The program would be to spray the cleanup compounds near the jet stream so that the chemicals would get high up into the ozone and "eat" the pollutants.

The danger: Such compounds attack whatever they attach themselves to including the human respiratory system. This may explain the massive "flu" outbreaks reported the last couple of years. These compounds could also cause great weather modification and some reports have tied severe weather to "sprayed" areas.

His plan: He wants to get a Lear jet and capture some of the spray while airborne. A better analysis could be done at that time.

You might enjoy listening to this broadcast some time.

Listen to the Show! (1-6-2000 3:05:30)

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