Contrails Over America
What's Going On Here?
  by Jon Nowinski
Project Manager/Director
The Smoking Gun Research Agency

Contrails Over America:  What's Going On Here?

Since early 1998 hundreds of reports have poured into our offices about strange airplanes spraying contrails in "X" and "grid" patterns across the skies. What made these reports more intriguing was the fact that we recieved them from nearly ever state! As further investigation ensued alarming connections between these strange contrails and massive outbreaks of flu-like respitory infections were found. The Smoking Gun Research Agency offices located around the United States immediatly started to compile as much data as they could. Information was sent back and forth between the offices, and press releases were issued to the local and state newspapers. Also, national media outlets were contacted in hopes that someone, somewhere, would pick up on this story. To the SGRAs dismay no responce was recieved from the media. Then, in an effort to find the truth behind this frightening issue the SGRA contacted Connecticut State Congressman Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn). On March 5, 1999, a responce was recieved by Senator Lieberman which planted a seed of hope with the SGRA that they might be on a road to finally finding out what this was.

The letter, though short, was occompanied by a letter written by Senator Lieberman to Carol M. Browner, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency requesting an immediate responce addressing the issues which our group brought up (See Letters Below). As of May 5, 1999 we have yet to recieve a responce from Administrator Browner, and we feel that we will not be recieveing one any time soon. We will again be contacting Senator Lieberman on this issue within the next few weeks. We are compiling data and information to send along with the letter to urge a responce. We strongly suggest that anyone who is willing contact thier representatives on this issue. We at the SGRA feel that an open meeting MUST be held addressing the contrail issue.

Further digging by the SGRA (with the assistance of other investigators) yeilded a frightening referance which pointed out that the testing of biological and chemical weapons was (and is) completely leagal. The E-mail we recieved about this is what follows:

Dear Jon Nowinski, and the SGRA:

Thank you for your support and help with our research into this matter. We are E-mailing you today to update you on something which we just recieved. We feel it's very important and must be released at once. Please foward this to all of your members, and keep up the wonderful investigations.

"According to Title 50, Chapter 32, Section 1520 of the US Code, it is legal for the DoD [Department Of Defense] and its contractors to experiment with chemical and biological weapons on the unsuspecting American public (labled "human subjects" in the law). All the DoD must do to be "legally" able to preform such experiments is to notify unspecified public officials 30 days in advance and annually report to Congress its findings."

Can this be allowed!? Spread the word, and thanks again!

[Name Removed]

April 29, 1999

The SGRA attempted to contact the Public Affairs (PA) office at the Department of Defense, but were given no comment on this issue. We again released this information to the media, however they did nothing to pick up on the story. There may be a forced media blackout on this issue however. In February of 1999, during a live show on C-Span Everettt Burton called in to discuss the Clinton impeachment hering. He told everyone to get a copy of the Constitution and read it carefully and see how much we have lost. He also told people not to take his word for it but to just look up and see the contrails in the skies. At that point he was cut off completely, and the Tennessee State Seal came on the channle and remained for a number of minuets. When samples of an olily substance which came from one of these contrails was tested at Aqua-Tech Environmental of Marion, Ohio scientists were shocked to find that it contained ethylene dibromide (EDB) a highly hazerdous pestiside which can cause cancer. More alarming though was that this substance was BANNED BY THE EPA in 1983. So who is responsable for spraying banned chemicals on the unsuspecting American public?

Persistant investigation by the SGRA lead to the identification of a possable culprit. All reports of these contrails have stated that they were made by a large, four engine plane, often with a red tail and red wings. But what was more interesting to the SGRA investigators was that the contrails were said to come out the back of the plane, NOT THE ENGINES as normal contrails are formed. When we looked into what plane could cause that we located pictures of a KC-135 (see below) tanker plane, and when showed to witnesses next to a number of other planes fitting the description it was this tanker which was most often picked out (14 out of 17 times).

Contrails Over America:  What's Going On Here?

The Smoking Gun Research Agency has published a large report on the contrail issues containing detailed photographs, copies of letters and documents, and more. Because of space we cannot show the entire report on these pages. Please, if you are interested and would like more information contact us and we will send you information on how you can order the report.

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Project Manager/Director
Smoking Gun Research Agency (

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