From Issue #4: June 14, 1999
  By William Thomas
journalist, author, videographer
Reposted with Permission

Dear Friends, Chemtrails subscribers and concerned sky-watchers,

As acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal illness continue to sweep the land, outbreaks of once rare diseases - including Lupus, meningitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Transverse Myelitis, "flesh-eating" Staph Aureus, asthma, Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome and Gulf War Syndrome-mycoplasma infections - are popping up in clusters around heavily sprayed areas.

While there is as yet no laboratory evidence that these and other diseases are being deliberately introduced into the population, the pathogenic (disease-producing) bacteria and molds found in samples of chemtrail "cobwebs" and "goo" are known to produce serious illness in more susceptible people whose immune defenses are weakened by age, stress, lack of nutrition or environmental pollution. In further ravaging our bodies’ natural defenses, "Chemtrail Sickness" opens the way to opportunistic infections.

Auto-immune disorders can also be triggered in already overloaded immune systems by further exposures to toxins. My colleague Erminia Cassani notes that gel-like chemtrail "goo" has stuck to a house and property for over a year. "With all the snow, rain, sun that's come down in the interim and this stuff has not washed away! I just bet it's got some kind of polymer in it that's making it so impervious to the elements."

Polymers, Cassani explains, "are plastic resins added to materials to make them more pliable and ‘resistant’ to environmental degradation." While no one is testing chemtrail fallout for polymers, it is likely they are present. A possible connection between polymers and autoimmune disorders may be a "RAST" or "allergic" reaction to processed foods laden with gas warfare-derived pesticides, a toxic daily environment, stress, the many vaccines now suggested or mandated by federal and local authorities - and polymers present in chemtrail fallout.

How do we defend ourselves and our families against this latest toxic assault? How can we treat "Chemtrail Sickness"?

Erminia writes: "Would you please tell everyone from me - who came down with ‘strep throat from hell’ after being out under one of the biggest, widest, chemtrails I have ever seen to date - this urgent message to everyone who comes in contact with one of these "vertical rivers" or the other tell-tale chemtrails patterns (tic-tac-toe, grids, etc.) in the sky:

1) The "junk" in these trails (i.e.. bacteria, molds, yeasts) are falling down into your breathing space while you are standing there watching them. Get inside as soon as possible.

2) Take a hot shower with an antibacterial soap like Dial or another brand (hot water helps to kill bacteria, mold, yeast particles that may have fallen on you). Wash your hair. These ‘bugs’ get a free ride in your hair and have easy access to getting into your upper respiratory tract.

3) If you start getting a bad sore throat or coughing up green phlegm, please do not let it go. Green phlegm means bacterial infection either in the lungs or in the upper respiratory tract. Bacterial infections, such as green phlegm indicates, can only be killed by ‘bug drugs’ - antibiotics. I would say colloidal silver too, but it does not work as fast and bacterial infections like these multiply rapidly. You want to kill these infections fast because they can be devastating. This is some nasty stuff, let me tell you first hand.

I believe the Strep and Staph infection epidemics we are experiencing are coming from somewhere other than our day to day exposure to each other....something has gotten out of balance somewhere. We have never had this much Strep throat and Staph A infections before. The incidents in Michigan alone are enough to have our own epidemic - like somebody opened a new Pandora's box and unleashed a whole new supply of ‘bad bugs’ on society. Those ‘somebodies’ need to be taken to task and held accountable for the illnesses they are causing numerous people.


One reader reports: "There are two or three aircraft based south of the city that leave each morning, put one or two trails over the city, and continue northward for a days work in the surrounding counties. They come back around sunset. This has been going on for three to four weeks with about one day a week devoted to a heavy dosing of one or another quadrant of the city itself." Because this person has to work outdoors, he wore a respirator. "The mask worked quite well, by the way. You want ‘organic vapor’ cartridges with ‘P100’ particle protection for microorganisms."


Lack of nutrients in soil and food, combined with vitamin-robbing stress and constant toxic exposures, require all vitamin-deficient North Americans to supplement their diet daily with top quality vitamins, herbs and minerals. See the Chapter "Rx" in my book BRINGING THE WAR HOME for specific recommendations by leading doctors treating autoimmune illness. More and more MD’s are urging people to take the best vitamins, minerals and herbs we can find. Just make sure they use the best "pharmaceutical-grade" ingredients and are provided in the right proportions and with the right activating "co-factors" - like trace minerals - to work synergistically.

See my website or email me for further info on the best supplements I have ever taken. USANA fully restored my immune system after it was severely compromised by stress and toxic exposures in the Gulf Eco War. Since then, daily supplementation with USANA ("Perfect Health") has allowed me to so far ward off flu, colds and chemtrail exposures. I have seen these products work to alleviate the symptoms of so many sick people, I know that these supplements put together by one of the world’s foremost microbiologists - Dr. Myron Wentz - really work. Because I believe in offering solutions to the problems I report, I am continuing to offer these supplements at cost - zero markup - to anyone, including Gulf War and chemtrails veterans. In addition to "boosters" such as grape seed extract, calcium-magnesium and a specially formulated ginko-biloba, the "Essentials" provide everything you need to restore and shield your immune system in just two small bottles.

(Contrary to attacks by uninformed critics, I’ve been losing my shirt offering this free service by paying postage when people forgot to add it to their orders. Shipping charges are now included in the wholesale cost.)


Colloidal Silver is made by passing a tiny electrical current between two 99% pure silver electrodes suspended in a glass or bottle of water. When this liquid is consumed, viruses, bacteria and toxins adhere to the suspended silver and are flushed rapidly from the body.

Michael writes: "The timing of your broadcast was perfect. I had just seen the contrails in the sky over Eugene, Oregon last week, six of them, side by side, going up the valley along I-5. I was working outside when I noticed them and thought it quite unusual. About an hour later, while I was trimming some trees I started to feel sick to my stomach and weak. I went in the house to take a break and told my wife I wasn’t feeling well, I didn’t see any cobwebs, etc. but I was in among the trees. I started to get a major headache shortly thereafter.

"It all came on very quickly, that night I got a hacking cough, and my nose ran without stopping. I am seldom sick, and this was major. I had been doing research on colloidal silver the week before see website above. I thought it would be a good idea to not only have some for Y2K, but to be able to produce my own. I had ordered the best available, the CS Pro HVAC, It arrived the day after I got sick. Good Karma, great timing. I made a batch that day and started taking it, 1 oz. about every four hours.

"It cleared up the stomach in the first four hours, I gargled about a half-ounce. every three hours to clear up the hacking cough, that took all day, the nose I sprayed some in three times, it cleared up. The headache and weakness took another two days to clear up. My wife started getting sick the day I received the unit, I started her on the silver right away and she got over it right away. The cat came home sneezing an make strange sounds the same day, I put 1 oz. in his water bowl and he drank the whole bowl, he had never done that before. he was well the next day."

Pre-mixed colloidal silver available at health food stores is expensive - and has an effective shelf life of about five-days depending on how it is made.

Herb writes: "After weeks of antibiotics I was still sick, had to have emergency ventilation twice, then I remembered colloidal silver, I used 4 oz of 500ppm .001micron over 5 day period, I killed what ever this stuff was. I continued taking a maintenance dose, there were several people sick, hospitals full here in Santa Cruz and also in Salinas, doctors weren’t saying much, but people were not getting over it."

Chemtrail sufferers Christine and Nick: "Colloidal Silver. One tablespoon, 3 times a day for three days, and then one a day the last day and then stop. We did. My husband still has the cough but this stuff worked miracles on me. After the first day, my sinus was completely cleared up."


Oxygen therapy can be very effective in relieving chemtrail reactions and fortifying the immune system. Most of us take shallow sips of life-giving oxygen - especially when we are ill or uptight. BREATHE DEEPLY from your belly as often as you remind yourself.

Ozone is a potent germicidal agent. The 2nd International Symposium on Ozone Applications held in Havana, Cuba found that Ozone inactivates Pseudomonas Aeruginosa found in some chemtrail samples, and Escherichia Coli. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most resistant wild strain of Pseudomonas.

Order O2 MEGA direct:

Toll Free: 1-877-626-3421

You can also carefully make up your own ozone treatment using VERY DILUTED food grade hydrogen peroxide. Manuel writes: "I live in Tampa, FL (recently moved from the Orlando area) and for now the 4th week, I have been suffering from upper respiratory problems. I have been experiencing flu like symptoms, specifically a sore throat. The symptoms seem to go away when I take mega-doses of vitamins and supplements (Echinacea, Ester C Vitamin C, Golden Seal Root, and Magnesium + gargles with food grade (35%) Hydrogen Peroxide diluted to a 10% solution in clean bottled water). When I do this for a few days, the symptoms seems to disappear only to reappear sooner or later."


On the herbal front, a homeopath in hard-hit Bakersfield reports that Pulsatilla is coming up often as "the remedy" for chemtrails cases he's seeing there.


More and more symptoms reported after repeated chemtrails exposure resemble the mycoplasma-induced disorders associated with Gulf War Illness - including aching joints, extreme fatigue and short-term memory loss. If you are lab-tested "positive" for mycoplasma infection, repeated courses of the antibiotic Doxycycline can knock out this bug. See my website for a link to a Doxycycline supplier - and seek MEDICAL SUPERVISION before commencing treatment. Dr. Noe Zamudio, MD, is Cotton Pharmacy, PO Box 1476, Yuma, AZ 85366 also ships Doxycycline

($7 for a bottle of 50 in 500 mg capsules).


"Frequent Fliers" are Frequent Friers. Airline crews are reporting rapidly increasing health problems - including gradual vision impairment among pilots - which they claim are being caused by unprecedented showers of gamma, x-rays and low-frequency UV from giant Corona Mass Ejections - or solar flares - erupting almost continuously from the sun. Chemtrail-induced haze does not shield us from cell-damaging gamma and x-rays. The only protection is to fly infrequently, or stay on the ground.





You can also join the coast-to-coast SKYWATCHER’S Association through this key website.

Clifford’s startling close-up photos show spray coming from the tails of jets - with no contrails from their wing-mounted engines.

Spray coming from the tails of jets - with no contrails from their wing-mounted enginesContrails from jet's tail
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