From Issue #5: September 23, 1999
  By William Thomas
journalist, author, videographer
Reposted with Permission

At 10,000 feet our chartered Cessna isn’t going to get much higher. Not legally anyway. And not without oxygen and a bigger engine. Squinting through the windscreen, I wince as our pilot informs baffled controllers and everyone else listening to this crowded frequency that our odd radar returns reflect “air sampling” activities. He estimates the lingering “contrail” we’re after is another 9,000 feet overhead.

Damn! For the first weekend in too-long memory, the skies in and around the city of Victoria on Canada’s Pacific coast are not being saturated with the lingering spoor of big unmarked jets flying complex X and grid-patterns. Just two lingering white plumes beckoned ambiguously above the surrounding mountains as we took off.

Crammed in the back seat between a lashed-down battery and a hulking pump big enough to suck outside air through a six-stage stainless steel sampling apparatus, I pass the intake hose forward to my companion who places the probe in the wingroot air vent. The best we can do is fly downwind and below the nearest suspect plume, hoping to pick up whatever organisms might be present. Of course, anything the hose picks up, we will breath.

I start the pump. For 10 minutes cool outside air is driven through a stack of six petri dishes loaded with cultures hungry for Pseudomonas and lung-lunging molds. I have enough extra cell cultures for three more tests - and I make them all. But back on the ground after three hours aloft, my cohort and I agree that without being able to fly directly through the plumes, our quixotic quest was probably fruitless. “What we need for this to work,” I tell him, “is total saturation.”

Still reflecting on the sudden lack of weekend spray activity, I drive home regretting our wasted effort. Around 7 PM, just outside of the town of Duncan, I start noticing “contrails” that do not dissipate like the brief white wake of a commercial jet flying high above them.

Another five miles and I pull off the road to watch a widening grid woven by a pair of jets working back-and-forth directly overhead. The web they weave soon covers the entire sky, linking with natural cirrus clouds sweeping down from the northwest. I am stunned. Never before have I seen a chemtrail concentration as heavy as this! It saturation!

It’s probably coincidence. Except that I stopped believing in “coincidence” a long time ago. At such an unusually late hour for spreading chemtrails, this maximum spray effort could be a laughing mockery of our costly sampling flight. Has someone intercepted the emails and phone calls setting up our flight? If so, I’m flattered by all this attention.

Contrails Over America, #5

After a brief lull late last spring, spray activity has picked up considerably over the USA and Canada. Fresh reports are also coming in from England, Amsterdam, Australia, Italy, New Zealand and Mexico. 

Though climate-upsetting La Nina has been over for months, unusually cloudy, cool weather hijacked summer across the USA and western Canada  - only to turn unseasonably hot and dry in the northwest. In Aspen and Santa Fe - two locales famous for nearly year-round sunny skies - I finished a pair of back-to-back “Chemtrails Over America” speaking tours this summer under overcasts that had the long-time locals complaining. My 45 minutes of videotape and photographs taken across the USA and Canada silenced the skeptics - and prompted one former pilot for a national airline to jump to the microphone telling the Aspen audience that what she had just seen and heard were “definitely not contrails.” 

But what to make of the wonky weather that invariably follows intensive spraying - or the immediate reversion to more typical clear blue skies whenever spraying stops for several days?

EMAIL #1 (Oregon, mid-Sept. ‘99):
“I don't ever remember one year that it was so dry before from spring on, with little or no rain. Our yard looks terrible, even though we water and water. Also, our garden plants, which usually grow well, had some problems this year with stunted growth - connection to the chemtrails? We wonder.”

I have seen stunted plant growth in once-healthy gardens and wilderness areas in Santa Fe and Aspen. Similar plant problems are commonly associated with chemtrails in other regions of the U.S.

Especially disturbing for folks rooted in their communities, “Chemtrail Sickness” associated with heavy spray days continues with many stricken people complaining of the “flu” and acute allergic reactions months after the flu season has ended. Upper respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments remain unusually high in many spray areas, along with debilitating fatigue - and something even more worrying. 

Low-level and sometimes acute anxiety attacks - as well as short term memory loss and an inability to concentrate - are also being increasingly reported in many spray areas.

EMAIL #2 (California, mid-Sept. ‘99)
“Will, they are really doing their job in a big way - chemtrail overlords, that is. You have reason to be VERY nervous. My IQ has been rated at 180 IQ. I feel as if I’m functioning like a 12 yr. old. Also feel close to physical exhaustion...The feeling down here is rather scary. Cats nervous, ducks nervous. I'm on guard. That's the best way I can describe it. Cats sticking very close. We sit up at night, outside, and wonder.”

EMAIL #3 (Arkansas, mid-Sept. ‘99):
“Kelli and I were sick this whole weekend with diarrhea, severe headaches, extreme nausea and extreme tiredness. A friend of ours told Kelli that over the weekend there were a great many of people who were sick. Both of us have a stuffy nose and a little bit of a sore throat - not quite along the lines of others who have reported very sore throats. I am having a little bit of difficulty focusing and concentrating...Later that day she overheard a conversation in a convenience store where this one man was relating to the owner that he saw two big white planes flying low over the lake across from the convenience store.”

“Whatever they’re dumping on us does something to your mind,” William Wallace told me recently. Repeatedly targeted by spray planes after going to the media with his concerns, the man who launched my chemtrails investigation last January constantly forgets errands - and could not even remember the name of the town closest to his own. Despite their isolation in a remote mountainous area of Washington state, his wife Ann has been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr. Her heart is bothering her and her white blood cell count is very low and she remains in terrible pain, almost too weak to move.

Wallace reports that residents of Coleville, Washington and the surrounding heavily sprayed area are experiencing headaches so excruciating “your eyeballs hurt.” (Outside Vancouver, BC - another heavy spray zone - drugstore shelves are being stripped of pain-killers.)

Police radio scanners in Wallace’s area are constantly dispatching medical units to non-elderly people who are having dizzy spells, falling down - and breaking bones! Many of the afflicted are finding sores all over their bodies: red postules with a white cap that breaks, leaving cratered skin.

A close reading of BRINGING THE WAR HOME - and BIOHAZARD written by the former head of the Soviet biowarfare establishment - shows that these are classic signs of biological attack. 

Mental confusion and vague anxiety are also hallmarks of beamed microwaves and other electromagnetic weapons developed over four decades through intensive U.S. and Soviet military research programs. (See my book, SCORCHED EARTH for details.) 

Chemtrail spraying and invisible EM radiation from nationwide GWEN towers, HAARP and sister sites could be deliberately or inadvertently interacting on our electro-chemical neurological functions. So could less sinister but no less debilitating emissions from cellphones and cellphone towers, TV broadcast beams and microwave links, radar-scanning satellites and other sources of electromagnetic smog.

Without proper testing using meters measuring microwaves and Extreme Low Frequency emissions, the electromagnetic influence on marked mental instability and the zombie-like lack of awareness increasingly reported throughout North America remains compelling conjecture. 

But deliberate toxic assault from the air is beyond dispute.

EMAIL #4 (Arkansas, mid-Sept. ‘99)
“I used to live in Russellville...and several times I saw my car and porch covered in a yellow powder. I got so sick down there that I could hardly leave the house. I also saw grid patterns down there (in Russellville) a lot.”

Compare one of many reports across the U.S. describing yellow dust delivered from the sky - with this incident at Al Jubayl after a nighttime SCUD attack during the Gulf War:

As dawn’s first light percolated through an oily sky, navy reservist Nick Roberts noticed a thin yellow powder coating tents and vehicles. Other Seabees were already avoiding an area near the port’s commercial entrance cordoned off with yellow “chemical-hazard” tape. They were encouraged to give the place a wide birth by the sight of fenced-in animals. Though apparently unmarked, the entire herd was dead.

The trichothecenes supplied to Saddam’s germ warfare scientists by the American Type Culture Collection company with Washington’s blessing only added to the misery of their own countrywomen and men. The toxic fungal spores, which left a telltale yellow dusting in their wake, had  caused immediate reactions among the victims of some SCUD attacks, as well as likely longer term effects.

What is going on? The above accounts of yellow fungal mycotoxins from my book BRINGING THE WAR HOME - and the symptoms of low-level biological also attack related in that book - are giving me an increasingly creepy deja vu feeling. I am now convinced that we are under deliberate biological attack by agents known only to top military and government officials responsible for permitting continuing overflights by unmarked spray aircraft.

Extensive documentation by Dr. Len Horowitz in his latest book, BIBLICAL CODES FOR THE BIOLOGICAL APOCALYPSE and Issue #1 of the JOURNAL OF DEGENERATIVE DISEASES link several giant pharmaceutical corporations, the US, Canadian and British military, and powerful families in the US and Britain with 70 years of research and clandestine testing of increasingly sophisticated and “stealthy” bioweapons capable of culling populations. 

While there is as yet no link between these ongoing, documented programs of population reduction and the chemtrails phenomenon, it is striking that spreading outbreaks of mycoplasmas and brucellosis infections have been traced by Horowitz and others to deliberate and/or accidental releases into North American bloodstreams through vaccines and public exposures to infected “test subjects” dating back to the 1970s. 

These “weaponized” pathogens target the elderly and other immune-compromised victims whose deaths go largely unremarked. Though I have avoided this conclusion during nine months of intensive research, I now believe that the culling of “unfit, useless eaters” has begun, with an initial goal (based on known mycoplasma and brucellosis mortalities) of 4%-5% fatalities among those infected. (See Dan Scott’s THE BRUCELLOSIS TRIANGLE.) 

While significant over time, such subtle increases in deaths among aged or ailing people already expected to die soon remain statistically stealthy - much less obtrusive than bodies piling up in the streets.

Check it out. From New York City to many “Third World” regions, mounting outbreaks of strange diseases and unidentified viruses could be caused by global warming and the northward march of microbes - as well as deliberate germ warfare experiments, such as the introduction of brain-rotting agents among unsuspecting New Guinea cannibals by Japanese biowar specialists during WWII. 

It is precisely this “masking” of unnatural causes that makes it so difficult to differentiate between a biological weapon and a naturally-occurring disease outbreak.

“Aerial Obscuration” aimed at hiding aerial activity “cloud screens” behind chemical-spraying tankers and sophisticated weather modification experiments appear to be another component of aerial spraying activity which is now increasingly taking place at night or just before dawn, so that early-risers awaken to lingering chemtrails - as I did this morning.

After 250 residents of Espanola, Ontario signed a petition demanding government action following months of spraying there and widespread illness over a 50 mile area, the Ontario Ministry of Environment conducted lab tests which found carbon black used in US Air Force weather modification and high quantities of silica and mica commonly found in “chaff”. Commonly used by military pilots to confuse radars, this lightweight  material drifts on the wind for up to a day - providing an excellent means of tracking dispersion patterns.

Chaff, according to the Canadian Health Protection Branch. is also highly toxic to human lungs. Yet Espanola, Ontario is not a US military exercise area.

Reports of toxics found in fallout there are unverified. But several residents had their homes and patios spattered with brown gunk spread by large aircraft overflying their property at treetop level.

EMAIL #5 (Tennessee, mid-Sept. ‘99) 
“Recently friends of mine were sprayed low level and some of their friends had children who ended up in the emergency room in Sweetwater,  Tennessee because of it.”

EMAIL #6 (California, June ‘99)
“I was sitting outside at Broad Street Books for coffee and a bite to eat with my friend. Just looked up and made a comment to my friend, ‘Look up in any direction and tell me what you see.’” 

She said, ‘contrails.’

I said, ‘Well look at them and then look later.’ Still there. And I saw aircraft making fresh contrails - one right over us. Then a black helicopter heading from west to east down low. My friend said, ‘Hey that helicopter is making a contrail too.’”  (With permission from and thanks to:

According to one expert on tracking toxins inside jet airliners, pathogens released from an aircraft flying at 20,000 feet or higher cannot live long in the extreme ozone, UV and cold of those altitudes. 

Unless, that is, they are encased in a protective polymer shell. Or genetically modified to be activated under these conditions. 

In recent months there has been a significant increase in in-your-face spray attacks carried out by low-flying prop planes and helicopters. After hearing many reports of C-130 turboprop aircraft spraying at rooftop level in towns across America, I was stunned to see a “Hercules” wearing US military war paint swoop low over a Rocky Mountain resort town last month. Throttled back, the big plane was almost silent as it pulled out 500 feet above the downtown district. Federal air regulations specify that a 1,000-foot minimum altitude must be maintained over inhabited areas. 

As I gawked in amazement, the Herc banked away over an adjacent suburb, emitting two dark plumes from its wings outboard of the engines. Since it had been raining almost every day since March in a place renowned for its lack of rainfall, these black emissions were not red or yellow “fire retardent” as someone later suggested.

So far, our best samples have come from deliberate and/or inadvertent dumps of gelatinous material from low-flying multi-engine aircraft. Cobweb-like material from higher-altitude spraying has also been analyzed in university government-licensed labs - and some pathogens identified. 

But possible contamination from similar bacteria living in the soil has made these tests suspect.

EMAIL #7  (California, Sept. ‘99)
“Just opening the box that had the closed\lidded petri dishes in it caused a stench I've never smelled the likes of, to waft through the area. Makes you rather dizzy, lungs hurt, sore throat or raspy voice; headache. 

The stuff we got from Bernie's car(white specks and gobs that looked like thin yogurt and one 1/2-inch long black thingy that broke into two pieces with one piece moving away from the other. Smells just as bad as the stuff from the bird bath. You should see what that is growing.”

As more people begin “looking up” and become aware of unusual aerial activity overhead, reports of airborne fallout are proliferating. What is the best way to obtain samples? And where can they be tested?

Personal protection is prudent. When handling suspicious material, wear latex gloves! Because some of the pathogens being recovered from low-level spraying can infect the upper respiratory tract and lungs. a gauze filter mask is also a wise precaution.

More elaborate “gas masks” are unnecessary if due care is taken. However, for those interested in maximum protection, a surplus M40/42 US military mask - “Protects against: chemical and biological agent vapors, aerosols, toxins.” Note:
Gas masks may be hard to obtain at Army/Navy Surplus stores due to an unofficial and as yet unverified US government sales ban. Check the Internet for alternative sources. Iraqi masks are best, followed by Israeli and British gas masks.

More easily procured respirators provide excellent protection if fitted with “organic vapor” cartridges rated at “P100” particle protection for microorganisms.

Please follow proper procedures to obtain and document samples. Lab techs say that contaminated or improperly stored samples invalidate most “amateur” analysis.

1. “Goo” samples can easily be taken with sterile "Q-tip" swabs placed in 
a sealed, fresh Ziplock freezer baggy. If the sample is gel, dry and/or dust-borne, it is crucial that all samples be taken from glass (car windows), metal (aluminum siding), plastic or similar clean surfaces. Bacteria commonly found in dirt on porches or the ground can contaminate samples and confound analysis. 

Rainwater obtained from puddles on the ground is too dirty to test. Set out clean, sterile glass or plastic containers to collect good rain samples. But remember that while “chaff” or weather-modifying iron oxide and carbon black may be found in rain samples, biowarfare agents and simulants are never spread in diluting rain.

2. Photograph and/or video the sample site and sampling procedure. Note time and date and any unusual weather or other environmental factors. Eyewitnesses who can corroborate and describe the aircraft dropping this material are invaluable. Tape record their stories if possible and include any response from media or authorities in your notes.

3. Samples can be taken to any government-licensed commercial lab for
analysis. (Cost: $200-$300 or more). University labs may also be willing to take an elaborate look. Tell the lab techs to look for Psuedomonas pathogens, toxic molds and/or traces of silica and mica, iron oxide and carbon black - as well as "markers" for jet fuel. 

Silica and mica “chaff” drift on the wind for up to a day, providing excellent radar tracking of airborne agent dispersal patterns. Iron oxide and carbon black are used by the US Air Force to heat the local atmosphere in weather modification experiments. While no jet fuel has yet been found in an actual chemtrail sample, JP8 remains a perfect Psuedomonas matrix and may be present in minute amounts.

The best indication that you have obtained a good sample is an unusually fast “bloom” in a petri dish.

Please contact me immediately with these results so that I can correlate
them with other sample analysis.

Please post this “How To Sample” message freely.

Goo - d luck!

Saturday, November 20, 1999
New York City

At the Offices of The New York Times 
209 West 43rd St. (Times Square) New York City 
12 noon to 3pm   November 20, 1999 

This protest will make three demands: 

1. That the spraying stop immediately. 

2. That all major media organizations, particularly the major networks (NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox) and major publications (New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, TIME and Newsweek), fully investigate this story and report their findings to the public. 

3. That the president admit that this spraying is occurring, explain why it has been done and assure Americans that it will never again resume. And that because this spraying has occurred during his tenure and certainly with his knowledge, the only reasonable and honorable thing for him to do is to resign as president of these United States, as he has utterly failed in his pledge to protect the citizens of this nation, by allowing these unconscionable human rights crimes to occur. 

Please spread the word as widely as possible regarding this nationwide chemtrails protest. -Andrew Amirault

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