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I now have lab samples from a lab that tested "chemtrail" fallout without being told what it was. Among other nasties, the lab results show three distinct pathogens, air-dropped on a garage in the USA - probably from leaking nozzles on an approach to a nearby airport. A neighboring house was also splattered. The woman whose place was hit go sick and suffered a severe heart attack a few months later. No, it wasn't from too much cholesterol. It was caused by bacteria eating the walls of her heart.
I have other reports of heart attacks following exposure to this crap. Another one just came in tonight. Coincidence?
You bet.
We have similar samples from a home in a distant state and we are now testing for correlation. The EPA-registered lab we hired wants to know where we got this "biohazard" material, which includes organisms found only in a research lab.
Other lab tests of this fallout have turned up Ethylene Dibromide, a banned pesticide and component of JP8 that leads to severe upper respiratory distress at low but chronic exposure levels. We found turpentine, a pathogen carrier, but no EDB in our sample however.
You bet, I would very much like to get up there and get some samples! I know some angry former Navy carrier jocks who want to take a Lear jet and bounce one of those bandits. These guys are believers. But since you have already saved us the trouble, I am eager to hear what your Q-Star found.
There is always a chance that residues from intensive weather modification experiments are making people sick on the ground.
But how do you explain the bacterial pathogens found in at least five tested samples that I am aware of? Sure, some samples could have been contaminated by bacteria living in the soil. But ours came off aluminum siding and was documented and gathered by someone skilled in medical sciences. Chances of accidental contamination are just about zero - even before we note that these DNA-altered critters aren't normally found this side of a test-tube.
At the very least, someone is being very careless in air-transporting bio-hazardous materials.
Or this is an amped-up continuation of the "open air" testing of biowarfare simulants carried out by the US military over hundreds of nonconsenting American cities since the 1950s. Britain had its own big scandal regarding biowarfare testing revelations just a few weeks ago. According to their Ministry of Defense, some of those tests involved spray-equipped military aircraft.
What is as yet circumstantial but very striking is that in looking at the more than 400 reports I've gathered from pilots, police officers, former and active duty military personnel, as well as folks who have spent years living next to air bases and airpports I see that:
1. heavy "spray days" invariably coincide with eye-witnesses becoming extremely ill, and local hospitals experiencing a "spike" in emergency admissions for severe gastrointestinal and upper respiratory ailments. Look a little closer, as I and my team of researchers have, and you will find that the "flu epidemic" jamming hopsital ERs and wards across the US and the UK since last December is not "flu" at all. In fact, clinically-tested flu cases are down a bit this year. What is erupting sky-high are "flu-like" symptoms often manifesting as repeated pneumonia attacks, first-time asthma and other severe upper-respiratory ailments. (Look harder and you will find a growing epidemic of mycoplasm infection, usually found in 5% of the population and otherwise known as the transmissible component of Gulf War Illness. But I digress. At least I think I digress...)
and 2. extreme weather events sometimes follow within the same 24-48 hour timeframe. I'm talking 90 tornadoes in a four-state area in the middle of winter, repeated snowfall in a desert town and record-breaking precip elsewhere.
I know how all this sounds. But see my books, SCORCHED EARTH and BRINGING THE WAR HOME for more on these and other thoroughly documented depredations.
Once you see this sky spoor from the ground, you'll become a believer. The other night, very late, just after giving a long radio interview on my sky research, I went outside and took a deep grateful breath. Looking up into the clear night sky, I saw a "chemtrail" spreading out in a billowing plume just over the ridge across from me.
Chilled my blood, Lt. Commander. The damn chem-cloud could not have been higher than 6,000 feet. Please tell me how ice-crystal contrails can form at such a low altitude, spread out in still air, and linger for hours. Then kindly explain the presence of a second 'trail being laid in exact parallel to the first. Civilian airliners flying this close together at night would be busting a dozen air regs. Then convince me it was just another coincidence that CAVU conditions turned within hours into a an overcast dripping a wet garbagy haze over the forecaster's "bright sunny day"?
I've been an ocean sailor and navigator all of my adult life and my body says otherwise.
Check out my worktable. It's covered with photos and videotapes showing KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft streaming fat white 'trails at altitudes from below 9,000 feet to more than 30,000 feet. As you are well aware, the USAF does not normally fly high altitude refueling missions. Nor are their tankers usually painted white with a black stripe down the fuselage. NASA flies a few planes like these, but not the tanker versions. And not enough of them to provide the saturation coverage being reported in cities across Canada and the US.
C-130s, helicopters, jet fighters and twin-turboprop aircraft have also been observed spraying at treetop level.
When we call up the ATC, the feds insist that the aircraft we're actually observing are not on their scopes. Or they are "routine" commercial airliners. Or "international practice flights" making head-on passes and weaving grid-patterns from hours over the same area. Or - my all-time March favorite - "delayed Christmas traffic."
Hell, I don't know what's going on. Or why. I can only report that a whole lot of Americans are getting very sick while hundreds, probably thousands of credible observers are watching these jets switch their sprays on and off as they play aerial tic-tac-toe marked by satellite-recognizable X's over much of North America. The folks pointing neighbors and cameras at these things know what normal contrails look like.
And the pictures they're taking don't lie.
Your observations and insights are very much appreciated. If you can prove to me that all of this bizarre aerial activity is routine and benign I would love to get some sleep.
Best Regards, William Thomas
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