Dreams That Come True: Memories of the Future?
  by Robert J. Lee


In about 1973 I dreamed that I was walking down a slope in the projects with a clip board in my hand. It was winter and the grass was yellow. To my right was a red brick project building where low income people lived. I woke up frightened because the projects were known for crime and violence. I was unemployed for 11 months in 1975, so out of desperation I called a friend who had political connections with state of Tennessee government. With his help I landed a job as an AFDC case worker. On my first visit to the projects on a December day, I was walking down the same grassy hill of my dream with a clip board in my hand. The same red building of my dream was on my right. The actual event occurred exactly like my dream in every respect! 

Over the years I have wondered numerous times how could an individual have a dream that comes true exactly like you dream it? This type of dream phenomena has occurred only a few times in my life; I have heard from others that it has happened to them too. In my experience these dreams are always only a few seconds in duration. I call these dreams of the future "clips." In recent months I have been attempting to postulate a theory that will explain how it is possible to accurately dream the future.

We know that faster-than-light or superluminal waves are possible. We know that cosmic rays shoot through our brains. What would happen if two electromagnetic waves collided in the brain in exactly the right place and in exactly the right trajectory to create what has been termed "galloping waves." For a very brief instant the galloping waves are traveling at faster-than-light speed. Perhaps future memories are created in a person's brain cells by this phenomenon.  

Some researchers think that dreams are a part of the brain's housekeeping routine. A clip memory is not referenced by other memories. It does not fit in with your memories of the past. This is confusing to the mind so the clip is played like a video by your mind while you dream. At a later time you experience the dream in real life and you feel strange and wonder how your mind could dream something like that. Some people call it the déjà vu experience. 

I believe that there could be memories of the future residing in your brain cells. I postulate that these memories may be created via the superluminal effects of colliding waves. In a sense, a tiny field from the future is created in your brain. I have suspected for years that everything that has ever happened in the past, or is ever going to happen in the future is embedded in the fabric of space-time. 

Clip dreams can be disturbing. I dreamed once that my aunt Celeste died. I told my family at breakfast about the dream. She died three days later. My 87 year old father told me recently that the experience genuinely frightened him. I don't believe that my dream about my aunt's death was a mere coincidence. It may be that family bonds cause our minds to scan for clips that are relevant at the time and present them to us in a dream.

Theoretical physics has outpaced experimentation by a long ways. Experiments may not prove my explanation of how we can dream future events. In the meantime, I will give my "clip" dreams respect and continue to share them with friends and family - just in case they come true.

It has been nearly 7 years since I wrote my brief essay on the phenomenon of dreams that come true. Since that time I have received many emails from readers who have had dreams come true. Like me, they were amazed and fascinated by the experience.

I am still inclined to believe that when electromagnetic waves collide in our brains it is possible that the effects from that collision can under certain circumstances access a tiny field from the future and create memories of the future. I no longer believe that the superluminal effects of colliding waves are part of the process.

People ask me to discuss my beliefs about time. I believe that the past and future are embedded in the fabric of space-time. There is a beginning to time and there is an end to time. It is all there. It has occurred to me that a 6 inch long spring is a good model of time - one that you can hold in your hand and contemplate. Time is not in layers; It is like the continuous coils of a spring.

I think the real significance of this essay is that dreaming dreams that come true suggests that the future can be accessed. I would further suggest that time travel is possible. The phenomenon of dreams that come true deserves attention from the scientific community and should be studied.

Maybe someday we will be able to travel back in time to see living dinosaurs. A family could leave on a Saturday, stay gone for three weeks and come back on that same Saturday without taking off from work or school. I hope I live long enough to enjoy such an adventure.

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