Dowsing and how it works.
  by Ton Vanderleeden

In what follows, I will describe my experiences with the art of dowsing. Because I have some radio-technical views as regards paranormal phenomena, I would also like to refer to my seperate article “Science Fiction or Science Fact? The Auric Screen!” It might be helpful in grasping certain views I hold. Although I am writing in the affirmative I would like to stress that the views I would like to share with you are subjective. In that “Science Fiction” article I am among other things discussing the function of the pineal gland. This gland not only takes care of producing melatonin (which is a substance that causes a change of polarity and therefore drives our spirit out of our body and into an excarnated sleep state during some 8 hours each day), but the most remarkable peculiarity is the fact that it is the only gland in the body consisting of frequencies conducting nerve tissue. Endocrinologists themselves admit it is the one gland they know the least about, and the reason lies in its electromagnetic and esoteric properties.

When dowsing we make the use of our own pineal gland in the following way: The pineal gland is the fulcrum, the pivotal point and nodal point of our consciousness, it is the centre of our private-minitiature-cosmos. Our aura (spirit), which is the true source of our consciousness, docks itself into our physical body via the head by means of the very existence of this gland. Strange as this may sound, our brain is a central processing unit that works on knowledge or awareness, rather than the seat of our consciousness. When handling my favourite tools, the L-shaped dowsing rods, I have found that, in order to find the thing that I want to look for and would like to get some more information about, I must keep a steadfast thought in my brain, my mind. Single-mindedness and focus on concentration of thought-imagery is what especially matters while practicing dowsing.

Dowsing is an esoteric energy science in my view, a comparison can be drawn with the swing and seesaw in a kindergarden. Of this seesaw, the pineal gland is the pivotal point. The brain, our concentrated thought, is on the one end and is a representation of the material, physical world. Aurical vibrations that correspond to thoughts in the brain are on the other end of this seesaw and they represent the magnetic counterpart in this comparison. Both ends of this seesaw balance each other out or, in other words, thoughts have their exact counterparts in the form of aurical frequencies.

When I think watercourse my aura will contain this watercourse in the form of an aurical vibrational-colour-area of certain subtler frequencies. When I then use my dowsing rods on a spot where a watercourse finds itself as an unseen vibrational aspect of aurical water frequencies, then my rods will react to it. So the watercourse itself emanates an aurical frequency pattern as well. Humans have auras, and so does our planet. The reaction of my rods is due to the fact that the particular water vibration at such a site recognizes the similar water vibration in my aura, subsequently a handshake comes into being, and energy fusion and energy transfer will occur. The energy will flow from the actual watercourse to the imagery one. If I were to think about etheric leyline energy, then the watercourse energy would not find its equal frequency pattern in my aura and therefore no water energy tranfer to my aura would occur. Consequently this transference would not occur to my body and hands, so that my dowsing rods would not swing inward to give a positive indication. In other words the watercourse did not find and recognize something similar in my aura and no conclusive movement of my rods would follow.

Leyline research is my favourite subject. These etheric energy lines along the earth's surface can be easily compared to the energy meridians which lead along the surface of the human body. Leylines contain a high etheric frequency pattern that is just beyond the usual spectrum. Leylines are accumulating energy canals where the energy that surrounds our planet in its first aurical layer (nearest the physical surface of the planet) is accumulated, and from where it is transported to those places where these enlivening energies are best injected into the living body of our planet. Where these leylines cross each other like the spokes of a wheel, we speak about ley centres. Again here is a comparison to the acupuncture or acupressure points on the human body. As a matter of fact these ley centres are positive earth chacras, where the cosmic energy on the etheric plane injects itself in spiralling funnel shapes or eddies into the “physical body of Mother Earth”. The etheric energy that surrounds our earth lies nearest to our usual material, every day reality. However these very subtle vibrating energies are as real as radio and tv waves.

Although I enjoy thinking about these leylines, I have nevertheless found my own subjective solution of the "why and how" of the movements of my dowsing rods in an experience with water.

Before starting my treatise on this it might be a good idea to briefly explain the proper way of handling these L-shaped dowsing rods.

The two L-shaped rods are loosely held in both hands by the short ends. Elbows in our sides, the long ends poking straightforward with the tips slightly sloping towards the ground. Slowly walking and bearing that single-minded thought in mind, we quietly concentrate. Then we cross that spot where “the equal sees the equal”. Our dowsing rods then confirm this by crossing towards each other, often to a complete parallel, and we find what we were looking for.

Importand: Establish self-confidence by firmly believing this is possible, for if you don't do so, you will create your own blockage on that other seesaw end (in other words, in your own aura,) and your dowsing will work out poorly. Remember the above explained brain-pineal gland-aura concept, and that our thought processing occurs in the brain.

My subjective view about how it works:

The research which I will now describe deals with the use of my dowsing rods as regards the phenomenon “water”. In this research a comparison is made with antenna theory and water. It occurred to me that our dowsing rods react to many more influencing frequencies than just the ones of water. Antenna radiation, both when sending and receiving, is influenced by the moisture content of the soil. The reason for stressing the word receiving is that we want to receive certain information while using our rods.

Two African violets in my living room had for a long time been nice looking plants. They had blossomed once already and later on a second time. I watered them about once a week and this was apparently the right rhythm. After they blossomed a second time, I started giving them some inappropriate extra attention as far as caring for them and watering them was concerned. This was wrong behaviour altogether because I noticed both of these plants deteriorating dramatically. Unfortunately I noticed it too late and their roots had apparently been rotting. My previous behaviour of watering them once a week had obviously been much better, and I tried to get back to this pattern in order to save them. But it was all in vain. In a Dutch book on dowsing with the L-shaped rods, I had read that the inward crossing movement of these rods might indicate poor health in plants. Their poor health was visible of course, but I clearly noticed with my rods that the worst looking plant also showed, because of the greater inward swing, that it had been furnished with an obvious overdose of water and therefore had got a serious problem at its roots. Due to my faulty care its roots were rotting and it was dying. It is a well known fact that an aurical force field, so, an electric field, can be felt between the palms of two hands that are brought together from a distance of about 40 centimeters to a distance of about 4 centimeters. It can be felt as some sort of air buffer. The smaller the seperation between these hands, the stronger this field will be. When I tried this out above both plants I discovered with the obviously sickest plant, that not only my dowsing rods indeed showed the greater inward swing, but also that this so called aurical buffer felt thicker and warmer.

That was how I arrived at some ideas involving humidity on the one hand, and antenna theory and capacitors in radio technology on the other hand.

The earth of the sick plant has too high a degree of humidity, which causes its roots to rot. The so called aurical buffer is like an electric field in a capacitor, it is a capacative phenomenon. A capacitor is comparable to a battery in that the energy would preferably transfer from one pole to the other by means of an electric spark. With antennas we deal with certain physical lengths to transmit and receive certain wavelengths. These lengths are inversely proportional to the wavelengths. Short antennas: high frequencies, long antennas: low frequencies. When the atmosphere is very wet during a rainfall, the surrounding trees will cause an increase of the capacitor phenomenon between an antenna and ground. The specific resonance frequency will be disadvantageously effected by humidity. Energy will leak away to ground in case of transmitting or the opposite will occur when receiving.

With humid weather conditions, the increased capacitive phenomenon between antenna and ground will cause a reduction in the original amount of power, and this energy loss immediately disappears into the ground. Of course this loss of radiation power can be expressed as some form of heat loss: I felt more warmth and more of the above described buffering, in other words more capacity between my hands when I held them above the sickest plant. This showed a parallel between the extra amount of buffering and the extra warmth between my hands and the power loss under humid conditions due to the change of capacity happening to an antenna system. We could say that this heat loss under humid conditions occurs to a transceiving antenna. We could say that the African violet got a kind of magnetic treatment, at least that is the usual way of putting it, but in actual fact, it did get a form of electric treatment, an influx of subtler physical energy. From this it can be concluded that a healer in fact adds a kind of energy that resides in a subtle physical realm. But there is a second parallel between the L-shaped dowsing rods which tend to make the inward swing and again the antenna-ground phenomenon. Apparently these rods behave in a way much like what happens in the form of power loss under humid conditions between antenna and ground. Just like an antenna above wet ground with wet tree leaves in its vicinity, the rods were over the wet earth of the sick plant. When there is an electric field between the plates of a capacitor (these plates are comparable to the hands above the plant), then the energy build-up would preferably erupt in a sudden discharging spark, thus bridging the gap between those plates. In fact these plates serve as positive and negative poles. In comparison this shows that when we hold our rods straightforward while searching for whatever we are looking for, a similar build up of energy occurs. Because we should consider these energies as weak, for these subtle frequencies have very weak amplitudes, it is understandable that such discharges will not occur. It is more likely that both rods will be attracted to one another in order to increase the chance of an electrical discharge of electrons between the rods. Seemingly this is the opposite but in principle this is the same thing happening in such cases. Just before the rods turn towards each other, many dowsers feel the tingling effect of this energy build up in their hands. I have personally experienced this on a very strong spot without handling any rods. This was in an open field where once an altar stood in a burned down chapel. I particularly felt these tinglings in my left hand. This makes sense to me as the polarity of the head is +, the feet -, the right hand + en the left hand -

So with sick plants we noticed:

The two straightforward extended rods, which compare to antenna and ground, crossed in front of the chest while dowsing above them. Even electrical tingling can occasionally be felt. The aura between both bare hands held palm facing palm above the plants felt thicker and warmer.

Consequently we can now extend these thoughts to the greater aptitude in dowsing techniques of somebody with stronger paranormal capabilities than the average person. As I try to clarify in my above mentioned “Science Fiction” article, a person with above average good health and stronger than usual paranormal capabilities will have a “thicker and warmer aura”. This is due to more horizontal radiation and less vertical radition, as described in that article This person has been able in the course of life to open up his or her aura and chacras, thus making their own energy field or aura wider, more comprehensive and containing more higher frequencies. It makes sense that it will be easier for such a person to allow his aurical energy to leak away to a sick little plant, as what more or less accidentally happened to me while apparently and unconsciously treating my African violet. I use the term “apparently” because I consider myself an average person. So it makes sense as well, that when a person with above average abilities is dowsing a certain question or problem, then the dowsing rods will cross in front of the chest sooner than they will for average people. Therefore he or she will sooner be able to work with shorter and smaller rods. As explained earlier, short antennas/rods: high frequencies. This again is due to the fact that this person's aura naturally contains a more than average amount of higher frequencies. The more paranormal someone is the shorter the rods can be. The truly highly gifted paranormal person will be able to detect or dowse things by solely using his or her own energy field. That will then suffice and the use of any rods will be superfluous to this person. When the rods make their inward swing at a certain place on earth, the dowser in fact confirms the magnetic disposition of that place. That place was really a small spot in case of my sick plant, namely the pot that was too wet which caused rotting of the plant's roots. In this case the dowser will add energy due to the "handshake" that was established. With relatively more intense phenomena the dowser might receive energy, for instance with ley lines which are obviously + energies. With geo- or biopathogenic zones, as well as with watercourses, the dowser might lose energy to the dowsed area. That makes sense as these might potentially be considered - energies. This adding or losing of energy deals with the handshake that was established and is an unavoidable consequence of retrieving the information the dowser desires. Ley-energy has this positive disposition, contrary to the pathogenic zones which may be considered “tending towards less positive”. Water is not necessarily completely negative, our bodies consist of it for the greater part. Pathogenic zones are also called "patterns of earth rays". Among these rays we know the Hartmann-lines of which the global grid is North-South with every 2 meters another East-West running line and East-West with every 2 ½ meters another North-South running line. The Hartmann-net knows blocks of 10 x 10 meters. Another earth ray net also exists, the so called Curry-net. This net runs under a 45 degree angle with the Hartmann-net. At every 10th meter of the Hartmann-net, whether North-South running or East-West running, there are spots where the Curry-lines cross under this 45 degrees angle. Those spots are the more dangerous ones. Watercourses themselves are not that dangerous, but they are when in conjunction with Hartmann-lines or Curry-lines. Such spots tend to sap energy and may even cause cancer. It probably makes good sense that it is better to spend some time on a ley centre than on one of these lines, or worse on combinations or nodes of these lines. I would like to suggest that novices in the art of dowsing first learn how to dowse for leylines in and near old churches. A dowser may subject his energy field or aura, and therefore his body to certain depleting energy fields outside of his own field. Therefore practicing properly may sometimes be a very tiring affair. A great reward however is that it always adds to our spiritual growth and awareness of the forces of nature. For that reason though, a novice should practice dowsing seriously yet playfully, but certainly not for a prolonged period of time. If we allow ourselves to concentrate, which boils down to finding our centre (which is the pineal gland), we will be making the emanation of our aura stronger. To be an expert dowser, or to become one in the long run, is definitely possible for every human being. In a group of people who share the same interest, this ability can be developed more quickly and made more forceful in a kind of vice versa oscillating process. An electromagnetic wave consists of an electric component and a magnetic component. The magnetic part of a wave is perpendicular to the electric part (so the oscillation planes are at 90 degrees to each other), but their propagation is synchronous. From all described experiments and views above, we may conclude that we make our dowsing measurements based on the electric component of the subtler electromagnetic wave. This way it is even possible to trace the contours of long since vanished or torn down buildings that are energetically still present at their old site. One may wonder how dowsing works out with wooden rods. The answer is “similarly”, for they consist of metals and minerals as well, just like our earth which also has a magnetosphere or “earth aura”. As also our bodies consist of metals and minerals it is not so surprising that our bodies should have a magnetosphere, aura or energy field. Metal however is easily obtainable and easy to handle and what would the use after all be of cutting off twigs and branches of trees for dowsing purposes when there are simpler and better metal tools available? By dowsing with the rods, which can actually be considered comparable to antennas, our auras will be strenghtened and we will become more aware of and susceptible to the existence of these subtler energies of nature. By regularly working with our dowsing rods, we will generally become more susceptible and the nice thing about it is : Every body can learn how to dowse !

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