Its The End of The World
as We Know It
Previous Predictions of the End that Were a Bit Off
  by Gaia Reel, Gaia's Light
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"The end is near..." or so says lot of "Chicken Littles" out there. In fact, predicting the end of the world seems to be a prophetic fade. Here are some armageddon predictions throughout time that have yet to prove accurate.....

999 AD A powerful force in many lives of the time, the Catholic Church tells its followers that the world will end 1000 AD. So influential was the church, that many folks left their jobs, left their homes and gave away all they had (perhaps in a final effort to gain favor). The effect was so widespread that it took until 1003 AD before things really returned to normal.

1186 AD A timetable for the second coming of Christ emerges in England. The document is called the "Letter to Toledo". In addition to the frenzy this document caused, soldiers returning from the third Holy Crusade claimed to have seen "...the New Jerusalem hovering in the sky..." on their journey. Many attribute this to fatigue and hunger and the effect of mass hysteria.

1260 AD An ex-Dominican monk by the name of Brother Arnold falls out of favor with the church. He believes the current Pope is the anti-Christ and that the church has become corrupt. These factors are seen as signals that the end is near. He gathers quite a following of believers, but when the end does not come, the band dispersed and Brother Arnold fades away.

1519 AD Now we come across the Aztec timetable. They began looking to their god Quetzalcoatl who was to come in the form of a white man. In some sense, this prophecy had an element of truth to it. When the Spanish Conquistadors arrived, the Aztec way of life did come to an end. Disease, enslavement and executions at the hands of the Spanish invaders did bring their world to an end.

1527 AD Hans Nut (I swear that is his name), a German bookbinder, begins proclaiming that he is the Second Coming of the Messiah. He gathers a big following and begins proclaiming the end is near. Interest wanes when his predictions fail and he is jailed by the Catholic Church. He dies in an escape attempt.

1776 AD As our fight for independence ensues, a woman emerges as the latest Messiah. Her name was Ann Lee but was referred to as Mother Lee. Her gathering of followers and proclamation of the end marks the beginning of the "Shaker" movement. An interesting footnote: the group strictly believed in celibacy. Needless to say, as the end does not come, their numbers die off.

1844 AD Bible fundamentalists feel that all the predictions in the Bible have occurred so the time must be near. William Miller begins to gather the "faithful" together to prepare for the end. Once again, the end does not come and two new groups emerge; the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Seventh Day Adventists. (Footnote: The Jehovah's Witnesses have set the date for Christ's return over six times from 1914 to 1975.)

1936 AD Another self-proclaimed messiah, Herbert Armstrong of the Church of God predicts the end four times; 1936, 1943, 1972 and 1986(which is the year he died, so for him the world did end).

1983 AD Fear of the Russians sparks yet another prediction. A publication called the End Times News Digest says the end will begin this year with an attack by the Soviets on the U.S.

1988 AD An author by the name of Hal Lindsey thinks that Christ will come this year. When the evidence doesn't support that, he changes the date to 2000, or maybe 2048, but for sure by 2067. Lindsey has written on the subject in The Late Great Planet Earth.

1990 AD One of the most famous prophets, Nostradamus, in 1503, predicts the end will occur in the later part of the 21st century. It should be noted, however, that like the Bible, his writings are open to interpretation due to his style of writing in vague quatrains and using many different languages. Also this year Pat Robertson, well-known televangelist claims in his book The New Millennium that the end will come April 29, 2007.

1994 AD The owner of the Family Radio Program out of Oakland, CA., fundamentalist Harold Camping declares Sept. 1994 for the end date.

1999 AD Jack Van Impe says this is the year WWIII will begin this and bring about the end.

There is no shortage of timetables on the subject, as well as, the means that will bring about the end. The top 10 ways the world might end: Comet or asteroid, Pole shift, disease or plague, loss of the Ozone layer, nuclear war, alien invasion, divine intervention, another Ice Age, environmental degradation, or dust clouds in space that will block the Sun.

(Resources: Prophecies & Predictions Magazine No.2 1998, Apocalypse WOW by James Garner, Doomsday, by Russell Chandler, The People's Almanac, The Fringes of Reason by Ted Schultz. )

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