Netowne Member Sites Information

Hosting your web site at Netowne's Newer Age Community is free to very reasonable.
If you wish to have your web page(s) displayed world wide to everyone
with similar kinds of interests, Netowne is your home!

There are two types of Internet Sites available here.
Both must adhere to the
Netowne Guidelines.
Free Informative Sites may not advertise or blatantly plug a business:

1. A Free Informative Site: If you have any articles or information to share with the community that fit into any of our areas of interest, you may post them here for free and page creation is free. Links to your home page and email address are provided and all copyright information and credits are preserved...

2. A Commercial Site: This can range from a Basic One Page Advertisement, or Pointer Page for your Main Web Site, to a 100 Megabyte Super Site. The price ranges from $5.00/month to $25.00/month depending on how much space you need and whether or not you care about having your own unique Domain Name. For more details and information, visit Steve Karol Web Designs

If you have any questions or need any more information Click Here to Email.


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