Helicopter Harassment, Alton Barnes, 25th June 1996
  by Paul Vigay
Reposted with Permission

There certainly seems to be a lot of interest sparked by the East Field crop formation in Alton Barnes. On Tuesday 25th June 1996, several helicopters were spotted by a circles researcher filming the East Field formation from the road leading from Lockeridge to Alton Barnes - a similar spot to Colin Andrews helicopter harassment of 1994.
No less than three helicopters were seen hovering low over East Field, and apparently filming the crop formation. The 'un-named' circles researcher started videoing the helicopters, but soon they decided to take notice of her and flew towards her and carried out, in my view, dangerous and intimidating manaouvres mere feet away from where she was filming.
She was very scared by these events and dived for cover into her car. In my view, the mere location of the helicopter - only feet from a public road - constitutes a danger to the public, as any car could have swerved to avoid the helicopter, which remained hovering for some few minutes before veering away across the field.
A whole video sequence of the event is currently in my posession, one frame of which is shown below. If anyone can shed more light on this event, or even identify the helicopter, please email me.

Military Harassment at crop circle site

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