Amazing New Footage Discovered Showing A 'Rod' Underwater
Underwater Rod
  From Jose Escamilla

We have discovered incredible new footage of a small Rod captured in an underwater sequence during the taping of a National Geographic Explorer television special in Mexico.

The footage was taken during an underwater exploration of flooded caves near the Yucatan Peninsula and reveal a small, white Rod-like object cruising slowly enough to reveal it's undulatory wave fin in motion!

The movements of the membrane are clearly visible and show that the undulations are incredibly in a *forward* motion, as opposed to undulating toward the back of the Rod's torso, "pushing" it forward.

In other words, the undulations are pulsing forward...toward the front of the Rod and *toward* the direction it is traveling!

The Rod is visible for a total of six seconds and two frames, and clearly looks like many of the Rods that have been captured in photographs and videotape in the skies of most of the U.S., in Europe, and especially in the Cave Of The Swallows in Mexico.

This is not the first underwater footage we've discovered. Last year in another National Geographic program, we came across footage of a Rod actually entering the ocean from above and leaving a bubble trail as it descends into the water.

This tells us there is a chance there might be a specimen in some marine lab or archive somewhere in the world!

The new Rod footage was submitted to us by Edward Lopez, the 'TV Rod Man,' who looks for Rods in TV shows. Ed's great patience and keen eye have paid off again with this latest stunning discovery.

-Jose Escamilla -


Reposted from SIGHTINGS with permission...

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