From Filer's Files #7, February 18, 2000

George A. Filer, MUFON Eastern Director
Filer's Research Institute

Marilyn Ruben at Alien Abduction Experience and Research reports that a significant breakthrough in the search for trace physical evidence of alien abductions may have been uncovered in ordinary household dust according to biophysicist Dr. William C. Levengood of Pinelandia Biophysics Laboratory of Michigan. Microscopic glassy particles have been found in household dust of individuals claiming to be abductees. Glassy particles have been found in bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, hallways, basement stairs, and so on. Glassy particles have not been found in dust where abductions are not known to occur. The glassy particles come in a variety of shapes, including hollow or solid spheres. The particles are occasionally amber in color and vary in size from 1 micron or more, which is 1/1,000 of a millimeter or larger. Other more elongated particles include a "pseudo crystal" and an octopus shape. These forms are often clear and contain definite non-cellular, non-plant structure. A visual inspection of the "pseudo crystals" under 450x magnification gives the appearance of a fiber optic arrangement, while the octopus structure sometimes appears to have exploded outward at its center as if releasing something.

Household dust is best collected from areas not commonly dusted, such as the top ledges of doors and window frames. Unexplainable whitish dust in recently cleaned rooms of abductees' homes has also tested positive for these glassy particles. While abductees' homes have produced two or more styles of particles, no abductee's home to date has produced all styles of particles. Dr. Levengood is continuing his research into uncovering the origin of the currently unexplainable glassy particles. Thanks to Marilyn Rueben and Nancy Talbot. Particle photos can be seen at:

Editor's Note: This evidence is very convincing and in the past I have frequently asked abductees to collect this type of evidence for BLT Research. Any person who has intruders in their home has the right to ask that their situation be investigated. Now we have a method for determining that unusual particles have been left in the abductee's home. I consider this a break through in helping to prove that strange things are happening in abductee's homes.

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