Filer's Files: MUFON Skywatch Investigations
-- #21 (May 28, 1999)
  by George A. Filer
MUFON Eastern Director


I am Director of Advanced Technology and UFO exhibits at the Air Victory Museum. The museum was founded in 1989, as a non profit educational museum to encourage youngsters to pursue applied sciences. We fly some 500 youngsters a year. They are excited about flight, and our aircraft such as A-4, F-4 and a F-14, but they really want to see UFOs and spaceships. I am now collecting evidence to be placed in the Air Victory Museum to tell the true story of UFOs and advanced propulsion technology. I would appreciate the readers' contributions, photographs and ideas. What we really need is a UFO either our or theirs. The museum is located at South Jersey Regional Airport, Medford, NJ in the heart of 40 million people.


NEWARK -- Lafayette Robert Ward writes, "On March 7, 1999, Looking out my living room window I sometimes watch the jets flying near Newark Airport at 11:32 to 11:35 AM. My eyes were fixed on a particular jet climbing out of Newark Airport to the north then turning west over the Interstate 280. To my amazement I saw a round and silver metallic UFO appear beneath the commercial jet. I pulled up the window to get a clearer view. Then another identical craft appeared, both moving east. What seemed more strange was how the craft were able to pass so close under the commercial jet without any wobbling effect. Then I noticed a strange flashing strobe light on top or near the top of the craft. These are not like the lights you see flashing on a jet or a helicopter. The two UFOs maneuvered slowly and silently probing and just observing our daily activities and routine. They did not seem to present any type of danger to the commercial aircraft. The sides of the two UFOs had a cylinder bell shape, but flat on the top. They were a black metallic color. I watched them fly over the Mutual Benefit Life building in downtown Newark. Suddenly a bright light was emitted from one craft towards me. Although it may have been a reflection from the sun off the surface of the craft, I felt a ray of warmth for a second or two. I felt it might be a sign or signal that they knew I was watching them. As far as I can tell the UFOs were heading west. Perhaps there has been other reports to confirm my sighting? I felt I witnessed the existence and the reality of those marvelous and Divine craft controlled by highly intelligent beings from another solar system, world or dimension. Now I know how the Messiah disciples felt for the first time when they looked up and saw a strange and marvelous divine machine hovering above them. Thanks to Lafayette Robert Ward.


BLOOMINGTON - Kenny Young reports he received E-mail notification from Mr. Shane Dodd of a UFO sighting on May 11, 1999. Mr. Dodd stated, "Around midnight, I spotted what I believe to be a UFO over East Bloomington close to the Monroe Reservoir." The movement was erratic, but visibility of it was low because it appeared to be in a cloud bank. At first I believed it to be a satellite due to its straight relatively fast path. Then it turned quickly and retraced a parallel path to its original path. It then disappeared from my sight due to obstruction of a tree in my courtyard. It then reappeared to the right of the original path and made a sharp right turn and completely disappeared from sight. I do not know what it was, but it moved with tight and odd maneuvers, too erratic for a conventional aircraft. I have not seen anything in the news in the area about further sightings. There was no sound heard in conjunction with the sighting. The witness reports that the object was the size of a dime at arm's length, which makes for an unusually large object in the sky." For details see: Thanks to Kenny Young UFO Research


William Jones State of Ohio Director for MUFON writes, "We have had three reports concerning a UFO over Columbus that was observed after 10:15 PM on Sunday, May 16, 1999. The first report was from a family of three living in Upper Arlington who reported seeing a disk like craft with a dome on top and bottom. There were two bright flashing lights, one at center top and one at center bottom. The object glowed brightly. This glow was brighter from the two domes and more muted from a rectangular or cigar shaped center area. The object was seen south of their position for about ten minutes moving very slowly to the west/northwest. Shortly before this sighting a couple driving on Ackerman Road (two miles east of the family noted above) observed a large bright egg shaped object to the south of their position. It appeared to be over the Ohio State University, perhaps over the football stadium area. It glowed white, was fuzzy on top with a more definitely defined lower area, and it had several blinking lights near the bottom. As they were driving east bound the object seemed to be hovering. They observed this object for a short time until they drove across the Olentangy River. A third witness reports that about 10:15 to 10:20 PM he observed a large bright object traveling 15 to 25 mph southbound, seemingly following I-270. It turned west bound and he was close enough to read the word "Budweiser" on the object's side. It was an advertising blimp lighted from the inside. We will be attempting to find out where the blimp was kept during its stay in the Columbus area. However, any reports from the Columbus area on that Sunday night should be considered with great care. Thanks to William Jones jonesw@BATTELLE.ORG. Editor's Note: I think the reports show people are watching the skies. They may not always be able to identify an object correctly, but at least it's reported.


ZACHARY -- On April 3, 1999, Easter Eve, a diamond shaped object hovered over my aunt's farm at 10:00 PM. It stayed in one spot, but we were able to gauge movement with a high powered telescope. Suddenly the bright whitish light simply went out. It immediately moved to the southeast. The light was so bright and warm and then went out. I could see a ball shaped object in the sky for a few seconds, then it was gone. I am a 31 year old woman who has been abducted and tortured my entire life. I learned this information through hypnosis. If you want to hear more about this eye witness account write me. I have awesome incredible stories that will make your skin crawl. Thanks to


MUFON field investigators have visited the site of the recent Chupacabras (goat suckers) attacks and claim these are verified attacks with many reliable witnesses. I like most people frankly doubted the stories about these strange animals that killed usually by night by sticking fang like teeth into the necks of their victims. In recent weeks the Chupacabras have been killing various types of animals around El Yunque the tallest point in Puerto Rico (3,493 feet). They often leave their victims with core like borings through the eyes and into the brain. The recent descriptions of the Chupacabras by frightened villagers are starting to sound more like the typical Gray alien description. The Chupacabras have come face to face with several ranchers in recent weeks. They appear to have the ability to levitate or float above the ground. Some observers claim to hear the flapping of wings. Our investigators saw footprints and saw how the Chupacabras tore an animal cage apart with what appears to be their bare hands. The locals claim it looks like a big headed gray monster but none are know to ever have attacked humans. They are frequently sighted in relationship to UFOs. A trusted police detective and priest have seen the animal levitating and covered with hair. Our investigators personally saw the ears of a rabbit pulled out of its head an eaten. Chupacabras are known to have killed all kinds of animals including ducks, goats, and cows. At one farm the Chupacabra killed a hundred chickens. The farmer claimed that the Chupacabra's eyes were able to put the chickens into kind of a trance and then killed them at his leisure. They failed to defend themselves or even run. The area of the most recent killings is 20 miles east of San Juan. Local newspapers question how the Chupacabras could reach this area over 100 miles from the previous killing zone. Editor's Note: Last year I visited Puerto Rico. Some caves on the island are twenty stories high and could easily hide a squadron of jet fighters.


Bill Hamilton of Skywatch received the following message from a witness in Southern Arizona he would appreciate any feedback anyone has on these sightings. Scott Heckman writes that "The following events are still ongoing with the same unknown craft and regular intervention from US military jets. The amount of activity is not as great or frequent, but flaps do still occur. I haven't been watching much in the last several months, but last week I did spend two nights outside. Last Wednesday evening, May 12, 1999, I witnessed an "unknown'" leaving the planet's atmosphere. Thanks to: Scott Heckman P.O. Box 1535 Bisbee, AZ. 85603 and Bill Hamilton>


LOS ANGELES - BiigbdWuIf wrote asking, "I am just checking if anyone reported a strange sighting over Fraiser Park, on the morning of Saturday, May 22, 1999, at 2:35 AM?" I was driving my regular route over the Grapevine, above Los Angeles and saw a slow moving flame trail across the sky. It appeared to be moving eastward and changed colors from fiery yellow to brilliant pulsating white. Then it stopped the fire trail disappeared and it paused separating into three different objects forming a triangle shape. The brightest headed up and southward and the other two headed south toward the Malibu hills. I am not the only one who witnessed this. My girlfriend along for the ride saw the same thing. Any info you can tell me would be appreciated. Thanks to BiigbdWuIf.


WHITE ROCK Four major UFO sightings occurred in Surrey Corridor on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 21 to 23, 1999. Tom Zytaruk reports North Delta resident Graham Conway, president of UFO*BC, is quite impressed with the number of unexplained sightings. This is a fine collection of good eye witness stuff." A man reportedly ran into the Ocean Beach pub about 10:00 PM Friday, "stuttering like mad" that he'd seen a huge blue plasma ball cruising over Semiahmoo Bay. "He said it was monstrous," said UFO tracker Bill Oliver, of Guildford. "He was rattled big time." Whatever it was cast such a bright light it lit up the sea beneath and "apparently acted in an intelligent manner," said Conway. Three South Surrey residents claim to have seen a huge boomerang-shaped object with eight lights on front, at about 10 PM. Shaking with fear, they watched it move "very, very slowly" for about eight seconds before it took off. About five minutes after that siting two persons were standing on White Rock pier when they claim to have seen a wedge-shaped object 'a flying triangle' traveling below the tree level. They watched it for about three or four minutes as it headed across the bay, away from White Rock. Then on Sunday, about 10:15 PM, Jen Pieschel and her boyfriend Kevin Pearce saw a wedge-shaped object flying over Highway 99, near the Crescent Road turnoff. They saw it had blue and red flashing lights, and then spotted an amber flash, like a flare, from a second craft. "We saw something weird," Pieschel said. Thanks to UFO*BC hotline, CAUS, and Surrey Now 5/25/99.


Tim Mathew's writes, "I made contact yesterday with a former high-ranking designer with Hawker-Siddeley - the big aircraft manufacturer who owned AV Roe/AVRO in the 1950s. AVRO, of course, was involved in many classified disc plane projects. The effort involved the test flight of experimental discs in the UK as well as at other locations over the North American continent. These discs were apparently based on early discs recovered from Nazi Germany at the end of WW II. Thanks to Tim Mathews, Editor's Note: There are regular reports indicating the US, UK, Canada, USSR, France and forces indigenous to Earth but separate from us were working on the development of flying disc aircraft.


New energies are being discovered possibly as the result of the 1989, Pons and Fleischmann experiment at the University of Utah? Several developing technologies look promising such as the one where thermal and direct electrical energy is produced in a ratio of 10 to 100. A patent, #5,018,180 was issued to Kenneth Shoulders on May 21, 1991. Classified patents were also issued before this one in relationship to advanced black aircraft technologies. The source of the energy is apparently from space and its multitude of stars and. Some call this energy "black matter" or neutrinos. It is flowing though our homes and it's passing through each of us right now. Some of the first uses for this energy was the simple heating of homes. The trick is to trap the energy and to keep it inside. This may be what science calls, 'Dark Matter.' This energy may now power huge space ships through intergalactic space. There appears to be a good chance to tap into this universal energy and someday this virtually free energy may be available to anyone. See


Air Force tinkers with 'star-trekking' spaceship engine by Tech. Sgt. Pat McKenna. If Major David Lojewski has his way, Air Force pilots of the future will be streaking through interstellar space and saying, "Set course for Alpha Centauri, maximum warp." Lojewski, a self-confessed "Star Trek" buff, is turning science fiction into science fact in his lab at Kirtland Air Force Base, NM. He and the team at the Air Force Research Lab's high-power systems branch will aid Penn State and NASA in experiments that could lead to a matter/anti matter engine. "This is real E=MC2 stuff," said Lojewski, the Air Force's only officer who holds a Ph.D. in pulsed power. "If this works, we could get pure energy. This could be the cleanest fuel ever, evolving into a very cheap resource. The experiments will attempt to measure the energy produced when antimatter and matter combine. Antimatter is the mirror image of matter, but their subatomic particles have opposite electrical charges. For instance, an electron is negative, but an anti-electron (called a positron) is positive. When the two collide, they annihilate each other, causing a powerful burst of energy. "Antimatter/matter annihilation has tremendous energy potential, far greater than the energy created from nuclear fission alone," said Dr. Gerald Smith, a Penn State physics professor and a project leader. "There is a real, promised payoff. I see this becoming a useful energy source, serving mankind down the road. Chemical rockets would need too much bulky fuel to make it to the edge of our solar system.

Smith's proposed AIM-Star (Antimatter-Initiated Microfusion Starcraft), however, will burn only a microgram of antimatter a year. Smith said his AIM-Star could get a manned mission to Mars and back in three months. The hybrid engine, however, won't depend solely on antimatter. Antimatter is only a catalyst to spark multiple, nonstop nuclear fission and fusion explosions, like that of an H-bomb detonating, that will blast the starship through space. The service is employing Kirtland's Shiva Star, a machine which simulates the conditions of a nuclear explosion through the use of pulsed power -- a lightning bolt strike of energy generated by a bank of 864 capacitors that can gin up 10 million amps. During the Cold War, the service "shot" Shiva to develop the technology to simulate the effects of a nuclear weapons explosion -- high levels of X-rays and electromagnetic pulses. When Shiva was born in 1975, it had four arms and adopted the name of the multi-limbed Hindu God known as the "destroyer of worlds." When we fire Shiva it sounds like a lightning bolt -- KABOOM! -- and the whole building shakes. It's great!" During the early 1980s, the lab conducted "Star Wars" research. The service used the Shiva Star to test a rail-gun concept, accelerating small objects 10 to 15 times faster than a bullet. Scientists proposed sending a battery of these rail guns into space to defend against incoming enemy warheads. After the Cold War, the lab tinkered with a possible "plasma gun" -- a weapon that fired a compact coil of pure energy -- a sort of invisible smoke ring of electricity or "donuts of death," but the project was scrapped because the rings dissipated too quickly.


WASHINGTON (AP) White House Correspondent Terence Hunt -- President Clinton ordered an investigation Wednesday into a troubling string of six U.S. rocket failures in less than nine months. Losses have totaled $3.5 billion. ``It is vitally important that we fully understand the root causes behind the recent launch vehicle failures and take corrective action,'' Clinton said in a memo to Defense Secretary William Cohen. Clinton instructed Cohen to coordinate his work with CIA Director George Tenet and NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin and to report preliminary findings within 90 days, with a final report due in six months. `The failed rockets were carrying three military satellites, two commercial communication satellites, and a privately owned satellite capable of taking detailed, military-quality photographs of Earth. Two of the rockets exploded on launch, three satellites were stuck in useless orbits and another satellite vaporized in the atmosphere. With 52 U.S. launches since the beginning of 1998, the six failures represent a failure rate of more than 10 percent -- twice the rate experienced in the previous six years. Three of the rockets were launched by the Air Force and three by aerospace companies. AP-05/19/99 Copyright 1998


AUSTRALIA -- Barry Taylor writes that he has interviewed people in Northern New South Wales (Grafton, Lismore, Coffs Harbor and Tweed Heads) that have seen these objects drop 'sparks' while they were over water. One local lady saw one drop 'sparks' in a vacant block of ground next to them. If they were doing it like 'dripping wax' it would happen as they fly along at any time over houses, shops and roads. But, the craft have mainly been dropping 'sparks' over water. If this is what it appears to be, than they would have to have some recollection as to where the water is. When I saw the one near my place, the creek is very narrow. If their intention was to drop the 'sparks' into that creek, than they would have to have some means of aiming while they were still on the move. The 'sparks' were ejected out in a quick 'burst' when over the creek. It appeared to me, as if it was their intention to do just that. Others have seen them drop 'sparks' into the Clarence and Tweed Rivers. In the past, there have been major fish kills and Algae blooms in both these Rivers. I am not suggesting that the UFO 'seeding' has caused this, for I would rather contend that the UFO 'seeding' was an attempt to 'repair' the river system of its pollution. That their intention (Agenda) was to repair our environment for us. After all, we are 'killing' this Planet aren't we? If this is for real, than they could be 'seeding' something into the water. Perhaps alien microbes or something similar. Lets assume the 'sparks' were biological. They are dropped into rivers and stagnant water ways where mosquitoes breed. The mosquito larva could feed on these genetically formulated microbes that were carried to animals or humans when blood was transferred. The mosquito bite could infect animals or humans with some virus or genetically engineered genes to alter the reproductive system. The 'sparks' could be bacteria that purifies our water, meaning they are trying to fix it. Water evaporates and falls as rain onto our crops and eventually becomes our drinking water. Some microbes could be spread great distances this way. What ever they are doing, it appears deliberate and calculated. Thanks to Barry Taylor,

9th GREAT UFO/ET ALIEN & ABDUCTION CONGRESS -- June 5-6, 1999, Bordentown Day's Inn, NJ Turnpike & State 206, 609/298-6100; Pat Marcatillio 221 Joan Terr., Hamilton, NJ 08629, -- Saturday 10:00 a.m.: Pat Marcatillio, "Welcome" 10:30: Bob Durant, "Roswell? Yes!" 1:30: Harold Eglen, "Non-Human Challenge" 3:45: Dr. Beard, This World is Hollow" 5: Stella Lansing, "UFO's and Aliens Captured on Film!" 8: Derrel Sims, "Scientific Evidence of Abductions" Sunday 10 a.m.: Derrel Sims, "Mass Abduction Events 1:30: Marianne Horrigan, "Contact of the Fifth Kind" 3:30: Bob Teets, "UFO's and Strange Encounters" 5:30: George Reynolds, "UFOs, Crop Circles and Little People"


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