Reptilian Braces

(From an email actually sent to the President and Vice President of the USA.)

Greetings from the Ancient Zeta Reticulum Fraternity of Immortals:

You are invited to meet The Landing Party from The Zeta Reticulum Mother Ship during September 1999 in a small Town 35 kilometers from The Capitol of a Country across The Atlantic Ocean. You may ask Colonel Jarod for the name of The Town, The Date & Appropriate Evidence that Visitors from The Zeta Reticulum Star System will Indeed land There at that Time. . . .

Attention, Attention, Attention ***********

This is Transport Marshal Tricelingoff, from the earth orbiting flag ship ZETA 64 EIGGER. . . .

You are wondering, why you? All your life you have had These Visions of Us Coming. Well ***** get ready for a shock. Your father . . . and your mother were abducted by one of our expeditionary trips to earth many years ago. Your mother was implanted with half Gray half Humanoid fertilization. . . . Here is the shocker, We mixed the vials up and she was impregnated with Reptilian strain 74, this is the same type that We put in Clinton's mother, it doesn't show in his or your features, but look closely at Clinton's daughter, even braces won't help a reptilian's teeth.

You have told many people of our landing. Our supreme consul has made a ruling. The landing date MUST remain the same but the place must change. They have located a small town about 35 crinockles (Kilometers) from The Capitol of a Country across The Atlantic Ocean. . .

Transport Marshall Tricelingoff



Please send as far and wide as possible.


Robert Sterling
Editor, The Konformist

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