by Christopher Montgomery

Investigator on the scene:

Dear friends;

I am writing this E-mail to inform you of breaking news here at the UFO Resource Center. We saw a spectacular event that took place near the UFO Resource Center, over the little town known as Auburn and Kent, Wa. A triangular UFO caused quite a stir with the military. A power failure to a diesel generator that operates the pump for the town's drinking water also occurred.

Here is our story:

Around 20:30 hours, I was working late on the computer, trying to store some files and prepare my latest post on the Internet. Matt came busting into my office: "Chris, where are those binoculars. I told them where they were at and he quickly disappeared down the hallway.

Five minutes went by, and all of a sudden, I could hear the roar of a huge helicopter flying over the compound. I bolted out of the office, sensing something was amiss. When I got to the back deck, I found Matt, watching something in the sky. The conversation went something like this:

C.M. "Man, did you hear that...it sounded like a military helicopter," I said.

M.C. "Yeah, you know it flew right over the house!"

C.M. "It couldn't of been more than 10 feet above the roof. It sounds like they are trying to stay below radar."

There was silence for a moment. "I want you to take a look at something," MC said." He handed me the binoculars. By now it was around 8:45pm on Wednesday, September 8, 1999. He pointed it out to me.

I studied the object carefully. It had three lights. One red light was on top in the center. The aircraft was tilted at a 25-degree angle from the horizontal. It seemed to be moving sideways as it maintained the same position. "I'll be damned! I think it's a UFO." I continued to watch as the huge military helicopter loomed into view. "You're not talking about the helicopter?: I asked. MC replied "No, I was talking about that string of lights behind it in the distance... I saw it move like this (Matt makes a zig-zag motion with his hand, palm parallel to the ground."

I pondered that for a moment. The zig-zag maneuver was a classic UFO stair-step. The three lights configured in a triangular formation reminded me of something that I had seen in the late spring of this year at our office in Auburn, Washington. Same configuration of lights, could be mistaken for an airplane, but upon close examination, it reversed itself with the lights in the same configuration. The object I was watching right now, was a classic triangular UFO which everyone in Auburn and Kent had been reporting for years. IF this was the same object (and it looked identical and matched all of the eyewitness accounts to date), then this was indeed a genuine UFO.

We watched it maneuver in such a way that it appeared to be watching US! For example, for a good 20 minutes, it stayed within eyeshot near the office, as if it was watching us. It would go south-westerly and then back north-easterly without turning. This further suggested a UFO. I have got to tell you, this was starting to get interesting. I ran into the building and grabbed anyone I could just to get a third witness. MM just happened to be there, so I asked my friend if they'd come out and look at the strange lights in the sky. They obliged. When they got outdoors, I pried the binoculars from MC. I yelled "Let MM have a look." She examined the object for about 2-3 minutes. She turned white as a sheet. She seemed to be visibly shaken, and I know that she saw the same thing that we had seen.

I asked MM what she thought it was. There was no reply. She was dumbfounded. I don't think she has ever seen a UFO. After a long pause, I asked her again, rephrasing the question: "Do you think it was a plane?" Again, there was no response. She stood and watched it for a while. I examined my watch. It is 9:00 o'clock pm. MARK! I do this to make sure that an official time was announced for the event, to be recorded later. It is always easier to remember that way.

We observed the UFO for about 15 minutes as it behaved very strangely. It did not look like a conventional airplane. When it moved, the object's body would turn while in one spot. It would go sideways as the light was pointing away from its destination. I continued to watch it until it disappeared behind a tree. I asked MC: "Do you think it is a UFO?" His answer was "It's a good possibility."

I continued to watch the object. I suddenly found myself alone on the rear terrace. The object's lights had been doing funny things. One time when it turned, the lights breezed over me, very faintly illuminating the surrounding area, including myself. It made me want to shudder, as I don't think these were earthly lights.

That observation didn't really hit home, until I watched it go north, level with the crest of the Hill we are perched on, and go north up the valley, practically at eye level. It was a cream or beige color, dimly illuminated, as if the color was a result of the illumination. It had three, distinctive lights on each point of the triangular shape and when I viewed it as a profile shot when it went up the valley, it was very thin.

I will narrow it down to three-four possible explanations at this point.

1. Experimental Aircraft
2. An airplane
3. A triangular and/or geometrically shaped object
4. A true Unidentified Flying Object

It wasn't until much later in the evening, when I would realize that it was definitely a UFO. After the object disappeared, I had to run to the store to pick up some office supplies. I went to the store and upon my return, I discovered that the water had been shut off. I wondered; did it have anything to do with the UFO?

My thoughts turned to the UFO again, and the fact is that I didn't realize until much, much later, that when it turned and illuminated me earlier, it also affected the diesel generator that supplied the town's drinking water supply. When I went to use the tap, I discovered that the water had been shut off. I made the connection when I saw the town's water department trucks over at the site of the generator, looking over the tower, the equipment, etc. I just checked the water... it has been turned back on.

Our investigation shall continue. We will keep you posted, and if we hear of any additional information in the future, we'll update you. For now,


Christopher Montgomery (Investigator)
UFO Resource Center (U.F.O.R.C.)

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