In late June, 1997, I was pleased to receive an invitation from Bonnie Lange of Truth Seeker to be their guest at the 50th anniversary festival of the "Roswell Incident"....which I call "The Roswell Hoax". It was an intriguing proposition...me with my "interolerable view"...provided with an opportunity to stand toe-to-toe (yet on unequal footing) with the UFOlogy-alien theory "biggies"...whom I call OSI/CIA BIG LIARS...right in the womb of their initial hoax. What could I do, what could I say? I accepted, of course.

My host had given me a hotel room at the Roswell Inn, with the provision that my room was also to serve as a video interview room by the Truth Seeker videographer, Ron Garner. I was anxious to meet Garner and the other people of the Truth Seeker contingency, especially Bonnie Lange, and was disappointed that she decided not to come. I was glad to be involved, since Truth Seeker literature stated a set of premises which were consistent with my own thinking.

I knew that, since no intellectual match is ever perfect, there might be someone in the contingency who might not exactly see eye-to-eye with me or the Truth Seeker philosophy, but didn’t expect total contradiction. There are always parasitical opportunists who will attach themselves to a group to hitch a free ride for their undisclosed agenda at a host’s expense. That has certainly never been my approach, as I enjoy nothing so little is being with people who don’t desire my company, but I knew of one group which does that as a matter of twisted principle, if you can call it that.

I had my reservations about the probability for success of this involvement for Truth Seeker, in terms of what they hoped to accomplish, since the whole scenario, in order to be of value to them, would have to be investigative. I had the distinct experience of four years of attempting to penetrate the OSI/CIA barriers with what my Santa Fe friend, Fred, calls my "attempt to spread sanity". I could see that, as an apparently non-Secret-Government-backed group, Truth Seeker might meet strong opposition...even sabotage...by "them".

As the day approached for me to head out to Roswell, I contemplated the situation in relation to my position: While I have usually been able to step into a strange environment and spot the immediate inconsistencies, as a Disbeliever in the alien theory, I am perceived by the hard core UFOlogy leaders as "the enemy". While the presence of "Alienists" among free thinkers is tolerated, Alienists do not usually extend the same degree of fairness and brevity to those with whom they disagree, muchless to an arch enemy like myself. From my viewpoint, a CIA-employed "sceptic" like Philip Klass is not in "my camp", because the conditions of his employment forbid him from admitting the existence of man-made electro-propulsive flying saucers. I knew that, in fact, Klass is the primary protagonist of one side of a two-pronged strategy designed specifically to conceal this exclusively man-made technology. Klass never denied his CIA employment, and neither did the ‘fathers’ of the "alien flying saucers" movement of the 1950's. Those who fail to understand how this two-pronged strategy...employing the (pseudo-) "Sceptics" and (pseudo) "Believers"--- to lead the two packs of dupes and suckers...was created by, and is controlled by the CIA, or to understand why I encounter equal opposition from both these government-orchestrated groups. The dupes of Klass have attempted to misrepresent me to be a member of the "Believer" class, while those of the Believer class have attempted to misrepresent me as a member of the "Klass Class". I am the only major figure who does not, and will not, work for the government, so the leaders of both groups make sure I am excluded from debates, because they will only mention, cite, or address the fantasies and people they create. Klass is just as much a kook for denying the existence of flying saucers as the Believers are in their insistence on the presence of aliens. The house of Klass is made of glass.

The so-called "sceptics" of CSICOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, headed by Klass) are not true sceptics, but rather a clandestinely controlled false propaganda operation of the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence, a branch of the CIA’s Science Directorate under its Clandestine Services, Operations Division). Their operations within the continental U.S. are illegal. Their job is the evaluation of conditions, collection of intelligence, and dissemination of disinformation, in a program designed primarily to conceal the reality of and technology behind man-made flying saucers. The UFOlogists are a branch of their operations. A true sceptic---in the original sense, as elucidated by the parallel writings of Valmiki, of ancient India, and Socrates, of ancient Greece---should question everything. CSICOP supports the official government denial of the existence of man-made electro-propulsive flying saucers, and is a covert creation of the government---involving the CIA, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Science Foundation, etc. The only thing they are ‘skeptical’ of are the assertions of the Alien Believers---spawned by the government’s own 1947 Roswell press releases---and the assertions of the other paranormalists also ‘designed’ by covert government operatives. This at best is pseudo-scepticism, at worst, a massive criminal fraud perpetrated by the government upon the people.

True sceptics have never been the conscious catspaws of clandestine government controllers. "In this corner we have the officially designated ‘divergent thinkers’---Kevin Randall, Don Schmitt, Linda Moulton Howe, etc.---and in this corner we have the ‘sceptics’---led by the King’s own Philip Klass". So what’s wrong with this picture? Could we identify Valmiki or his creation, Prince Rama, of his novel, The Ramayana, with Klass, who is employed by the CIA? Never. The Chamberlain’s similar secret machinations were exposed by Valmiki’s heroes. In the thousands of years since, nothing seems to have changed, except today, the Chamberlain’s agents masquerade as self-styled "sceptics", "truth-seekers", or "paranormalists" who believe in "aliens", ghosts, and psychic phenomena. These things were in my mind when I was invited to Roswell, and I naively thought Truth Seeker magazine intended to expose them.

On the sweltering afternoon of July 2, 1997, I loaded up my 28-year-old Chevy pickup and headed out for Roswell. I pulled into the Roswell Inn some time after 5:00 P.M., parked, and entered the lobby to check in.

The hotel was as busy as a beehive. Amidst a small crowd near the desk, I spotted Jim, a man I mention in my book as "the M.I.B.", who intensively trained "The Two"---Marshall Herff Applewhite and Bonnie Sue Nettles---in late 1972 to early 1973---in a house in Santa Fe the threesome shared for about three months. A tall man I didn’t recognize, with dark hair, stood by Jim, who was wearing a freaky western hat which had what appeared to be a greenish, flowery-patterned chiffon scarf draped around the crown. My presence shocked Jim, while his attire shocked me. I am one of a very few people who could establish Jim’s earliest involvement with the Heaven’s Gate ‘suicide cult’, discussed to some degree on pages 115-120 in my book, Space Aliens From the Pentagon. I also knew that Jim had a law degree from the University of Denver, was a ‘retired’ colonel who had been in Air Force Intelligence, like myself. Since Jim immediately attempted to hide his face, we didn’t speak. The tall, dark-headed man left the area, and I passed Jim and approached the desk, signed in, and went to my room.

Though several of my friends and I had known Jim for some time, none of us were permitted into the house during the mysterious training, or were told the nature of the training Jim was giving "The Two". We initially thought it was some sort of kinky sex thing. I had briefly encountered the threesome while they were out for coffee, and had momentarily entered the house with a friend only once during the training period, when only Jim was present. Ever since the 1997 Heaven’s Gate incident, Jim has pretended to ‘disappear’, as reported by the Santa Fe and Albuquerque papers. Having known Jim for over 25 years, I was well-versed on his various beliefs, including the Gurdjieff/Synergist teachings. That group had targeted me on several occasions, especially since I had exposed their undisclosed agenda, twisted philosophy, and unethical tactics. Add to this their CIA/OSI connections and misinformation agenda.

It was not until 1975 or so that I became aware primarily through news articles that Jim had trained the Two as tools of the OSI/CIA’s alien scenario. That conclusion was borne out by the fact that Jim had written a couple of news articles in 1975 about how a friend of his had joined the cult, but was careful to conceal the fact that he had intensively trained the leaders of the cult for three months in Santa Fe in 1972.

In 1977, on learning that I had been studying petroglyphs with the intention of writing a book, Jim came to my house and attempted to hire me to write books saying the petroglyphs were the writings of extraterrestrials. He said the publishing arrangements were already set up in Sedona, and that I would enjoy instant success through promotions and distribution, if I accepted. Not only did I reject the (OSI) offer, but asserted my intent to publish my flying saucer book---a project which Jim was already aware of. Jim then threatened to cause harm to me should I publish my saucer book. I was a little shocked that Jim had the gall to come to my house as a supposed "friend" and suggest that I write fraudulent books for the CIA, then to threaten me with harm if I exercised my freedom of the press and of speech by publishing my book. Though dismayed by such threats by such a puny guy, little did I realize that I would subsequently be subjected to the covert power he and his associates wielded. Ever since that time, and the numerous events which followed, our ‘friendship’ deteriorated. I would see Jim often, but any discussion or attempt at politeness was overshadowed by the secret knowledge that we both had. It was apparent that Jim was especially uncomfortable due to my presence at the Roswell gathering.

After checking into my room, I called Ron Garner, and we both headed for the lobby to meet. On seeing Garner, I recognized him as the man I’d just seen with Jim, which probably explained Jim’s extreme discomfort. I said nothing to Garner about it, and took him to my room so he could examine it as a potential video interview room. When we returned to the lobby, I told Ron that the man I identified as an M.I.B. in my book was present in the lobby. He asked me to point him out so he could get some video footage of him, but when I pointed out Jim, Ron became disturbed. He soon took his leave, and avoided me for the rest of the conference, never contacting me again, or seeking to use my room for interviews. Toward the end of the conference, I spoke briefly with him, and asked him if he got the video footage of the "M.I.B.". He pretended that he didn’t know who the man was. That was implausible, because you couldn’t miss Jim with such a weird hat, which was apparently a covert means of instant identification of Jim, by his intelligence operative peers and CIA-employed phonies, from within the crowd.

On meeting some others of the Truth Seeker contingency a day or so later, I was surprised to learn that Ron had engaged them in behind-the-scenes discussions about me, the morning after my arrival, regarding my views on Gurdjieff, his teachings, and the Synergy cult. Since I hadn’t discussed any of this with anyone at the conference except Jim, years before, I assumed that Ron’s objections were based on Jim’s objections, since the two were obviously connected. This shouldn’t have surprised me, since Jim had interfered in my life on many occasions in the past. In fact, he had been connected with the naturopath I mention in my book, who had attempted to murder me with arsenic, and almost succeeded. The naturopath was a strong Gurdjieff/Synergy cultist. The cult is featured very strongly in my unpublished manuscript entitled The Mystical Roots of Totalitarianism. I had become aware that Jim had become especially paranoid lately because I identified him in my 1993 first edition of Space Aliens as the CIA/OSI connection to the cult which committed mass suicide in 1997. Jim was apparently in fear that I would go public, and because of his continued tampering, I did go public. In my Synergy manuscript, I detail how the cultists believe that they are especially entitled to appropriate and use the resources of others in pursuit of a "higher purpose", defined only by them, pursuant to the "collective consciousness" teachings of Gurdjieff. I became a target of the cult when I blew the cover on their infiltration of an arts group I headed in 1977-78, called Free Art Forum. The cult is especially attracted to the destruction of individualistic groups, which they see as their primary enemies and competitors, so they infiltrate them, render them inneffective through the introduction of immiscible contradictions, and take over and use their resources in pursuit of their synergistic totalitarian goals. The cult typically uses a "divide-and-conquer" strategy based on the Spartan "flying wedge". I had attempted to block their infiltration and appropriation of my group, but they succeeded in getting control, just as the grant which funded it was about to expire. After their take-over, the group degenerated and was destroyed from within by the Synergists’ own vicious in-fighting. The State of New Mexico then offered me a grant for twice the amount of the original one---$250,000---but I turned it down because the state and federal government had refused to protect me from the Gurdjieff group, as I eventually burned out from the social turmoil they created. Besides, I had initially been conned into becoming a partner in the grant under the false promise that I wouldn’t be dealing with the government. I am philosophically opposed to the government’s involvment in the arts, per se, or in any other private cultural activities of the people.

True to form, Jim had made his book offer to me just as he learned of my involvement in the grant, and was to draw me out of it, so the Synergy group---some of whom had already been hired by my partner---could take it over immediately. I battled along, continueing to control the group until the grant period expired, with tremendous wear and tear on my nerves, with the Synergists rightfully blaming me for their failure to make what was left of the group work for their "purposes".

Soon after the end of Free Art Forum, Jim had learned through covert contact with my girlfriend, that I had discovered his covert contact with my father in Arizona, after which my father had come to New Mexico and tried to convince me never to discuss flying saucers again, which was astounding to me at the time, until I discovered Jim’s involvement. Thinking my father had disobeyed him, by telling me of his threats, Jim arranged through the CIA/OSI, for my parents to lose their business. The fact was, I had discovered Jim’s contact with my father through an independent witness. I subsequently learned from a clothing dealer who knew my parents, and who was angered and dismayed by the unjust loss of their hard-earned business, that one of their clients in Tucson---Joseph ("Papa Joe") Bonnano, the Mafia chieftain, who coincidentally owned a Tucson dress shop---retaliated against the clothing manufacturers who had been induced by the CIA to terminate my parents’ business, because he liked my parents, and "smelled a rat’. The buyers dropped the clothing lines in protest, and the manufacturers lost millions for following the CIA’s orders. Justice can come in strange form sometime, but the CIA hasn’t gotten what is coming to them yet.

As the conference progressed, I observed the effects of disappointment growing among the Truth Seeker contingency. The major portion of the crowd which showed up was not of the big spender variety. As I saw it, the stated goals of Truth Seeker was in conflict with some of the material in their catalogue, especially where it played into the CIA-orchestrated "alien" scenario. For example, I immediately recognized the material of Zachiariah Sitchin as a continuation of Gurdjieff’s Beelzebub stories, the same as those taught to an 8-year-old Adolph Hitler by the Cisternian monk, Joseph Lantz, at Lambach Abbey in 1907, which were reflected in the script of the movie Stargate. It also followed the OSI strategy in the offer made to me by Jim in 1977.

Several questions arose in my mind: If Garner’s objections to my involvement with Truth Seeker was based on his adherence to Gurdjieff’s teachings, was Truth Seeker being targeted for takeover by the Synergy cult? Was I being "separated out" by the "flying wedge" of Garner, because I was threatening to undo the cult’s efforts? That would certainly upset Jim, as I had observed. Did Jim know I was being hosted by Truth Seekers before my arrival, or did he learn about it from Ron? Since my appearance seemed to come as a complete and devastating surprise to Jim, was it because he knew that I, of all people, could figure the latest scam-in-progress out?

Ron’s objections based on the Gurdjieff stuff indicated either that Jim had manipulated Ron through those beliefs, or that they were of common interest between Jim and Ron, and that Jim feared I would blow their cover. After all, hadn’t Sitchin written the same kind of books that the CIA had attempted to recruit me to write in 1977, and weren’t they often published in Santa Fe or Sedona? Did they really think they could convert the Truth Seeker idea to a Gurdjieff one? If so, they would have to change the name to "Big Lie Seeker". Such a conversion would make the Truth Seeker goals only a fake shell eaten out by the Synergy roaches, to be used as a facade to entrap more prey. The Truth Seeker movement was barely getting off the ground in the current era, so a takeover by the Synergists would nip it in the bud.

By my second day at the gathering, I was already effectively ostracized from the major portion of the group, except for the two writers, David Sielaff and Paul Tice, whom I had met at the UFO Enigma Museum. John Price, head of the museum, wouldn’t sell my books, so I joined the two writers at a table in the back room. They seemed congenial and I detected no conflict with them. I made the best of the moment. Ahh...there I was at the dusty little museum, standing not more than three feet from Linda Moulton Howe, a UFOlogy "biggie", as she discussed "the aliens" with a Mr. Heik, with the same kind of familiarity as one might expect a believer in the Tooth Fairy to describe the kind of shoes he wears. Though in plain sight, the total invisibility with which Howe regarded me, indicated that she not only knew who I was, but also that I knew what she was, and that her pretense was transparent to me. Unless she knew she was lying, she would never have graduated from Stanford. At the Truth Seeker booth at the Roswell Convention Center, the available chairs were occupied by the secretary, the shipping clerk, and astrologer Louis Turi, who used the only other chair and a table for his clients, so I milled about and made contact with some interesting people.

Ron Garner had avoided me like the plague since the first evening. After learning of his character assassination of me behind my back the next morning, the negative behavior of several others associated with the group seemed explainable. After being snubbed by three of the contingency---Garner, the secretary, and the shipping clerk---and several associates, it seemed that my ostracism had become final by my second day there, over something I hadn’t discussed, and which should have been anathema to Truth Seeker. Did they not know?

Had it been up to me, the secretary and shipping clerk would have remained in San Diego to hold down business. Louis Turi would have had his own booth, since there seemed to be no obvious connection between "truth" and "astrology, though Turi was more polite at least. If I had been provided with a good camera, I could have done a better job than Ron, because I would have "sought the truth", rather than to satisfy the false ‘synergy’ premise. I would have been willing to assist with loading/unloading the van. With a good industrial camera, I would have gotten some valuable footage. It didn’t seem appropriate that the behavior of a secretary and shipping clerk, provoked by an ‘outside’ videographer, were controlling the fate of the operation. The Synergists, like the Hitler they spawned, always strike for weakness, as true sociopaths. Meanwhile, I wondered if the only strong members of the group remaining---Sielaff and Tice---would eventually succomb to the Synergy garbage.

In my unsuccessful efforts to reach Bonnie after the event, all my calls were unreturned, and all I received was silence, except for a short note attached to an invoice, telling me the venture was a downer for them. The questions loomed in my mind: Had I blustered into a Synergy takeover of Truth Seeker, and had Jim and Ron succeeded in driving another "flying wedge" through the group, in attempt to cut off another possible outlet for valuable information? The Synergists are opposed to individuality, and will use "latitudinal" arguments and strategy to motivate their prey. That is where the CIA got the tactic. In fact, Gurdjieff had privately tutored Mao Zedong, Stalin, Alfred Rosenberg, Karl Haushoffer, Dietrich Eckhardt, and many others of the totalitarian mind. These teaching had been the basis of the Communist movements of Mao and Stalin, as well as that of the Nazis. The Nazi troop management manual, authored by Ernst Roehm---also a student of Gurdjieff---had found its way into U.S. armed forces policy, when the official Nazi manual was adopted by the U.S. Congress in the 1950's, as the official U.S. troop management manual. The general policy is recognized today as the "principal of group identity", which is a direct translation of the "collective consciousness" doctrine of Gurdjieff, as espoused by Captain Ernst Roehm, "Father of the Brownshirts", the bully-boys responsible for Krystallnacht in the Nazi rise to power.

Since scapegoating is a typical tactic of the Synergists, I could expect an attempt back in San Diego to create and heighten a sense of failure of the venture, and to misplace blame for the lack of success somehow on me. This would mean that a heavy trip would be laid on me to Bonnie Lange. Whether this was another divide-and-conquer/takeover maneuver, only time would tell.

A short time after the Roswell debacle, I tried to warn Bonnie Lange about the Synergists, and she assured me everything was "under control". Soon afterward, she offered me an opportunity to write a series of articles about Tesla’s technology in today’s world. Truth Seeker was also supposed to sell my book and advertise it in their catalogue.

I finished and submitted the first installation of my series of articles, and Bonnie accepted and praised it, with some editorial cutting by her staff. She said it would be published in the magazine, and would also be published on their internet website. I waited patiently for news that the article had been published. In January, 1998, I got on the internet and opened a website of my own. In browsing the Truth Seeker site, I not only failed to find my article, or the catalogueing of my book, but also noticed that the Synergy people had become a prominent ‘partner’ in their organization. That, to me, meant that the Synergists had taken over Truth Seeker. This of course appeared to explain the reversal of policy, and the exclusion of my book and article without notice to me. It also raises the possibility for exercise of racketeering laws.

It is sad to see an old American institution, formerly associated with such powerful individualists as Mark Twain, Robert G. Ingersoll, and Ayn Rand, being taken over by the enemy. With a stated purpose which was, among other things, intended "...to elevate and emancipate the human race", and was opposed to "...everything that degrades or burdens mankind mentally or physically", the organization was selling out its birthright to synergistic totalitarianism, which is diametrically opposed to everything they (previously) stood for. When they entered that door, they became the ultimate hypocrisy, selling the CIA-backed lies about "aliens", while pretending to be "seekers of truth".

Under the internet "freethought" links of the Truth Seekers, I was saddened and appalled by the creepy Synergy groups’ featuring of sleazy "Japanimation" porn cartoons, clearly appealing to sick pedophiles, with illustrations of things like child sex -snuff, torture, bondage, and sadism. This misrepresents and effectively smears the idea of freethought, falsely equating it with pedophilia, sadism, child sexual abuse, torture, and murder. This clearly wasn’t opposed to "everything that degrades or burdens mankind mentally or physically". Since when have the secret cravings of sex criminals been elevated to the level of "...brave new thoughts". Why not feature some saucy sex scenes from the torture chambers of Treblinka or Dachau while they’re at it? Oh yes...some starkly graphic recreations of the spicy escapades of that well-known "free thinker", Jeffrey Daumer, shouldn’t be left out either!

It’s a good thing this group doesn’t hold an exclusive franchise on that thing called "free thought". I must be a little old fashioned for continueing to believe that someone should say what they mean, and mean what they say. When someone starts out as a Truth Seeker, and ends up repeating the same OLD TIRED BIG LIES as the rest of the gang, they have lost their way, and are nothing but a hypocrite. What this Truth Seeker found was a dissappointment of lies and hypocrisy.

Only the "biggie" alien liars of UFOlogy were invited to speak at the Roswell conference. Naturally, I was not considered, even in a debate, because they must control both sides of it. The speakers charged the usual exorbitant fees---which bore a direct proportionality to the amount of false propaganda Big Brother had expended on their operations, for their presentations. In retrospect, I should have taken up a position on the sidewalk, with a stack of my books and a sign which said:



"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God" - Thomas Jefferson


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